Lot 2 McClemans Road, Mount Claremont

Published on 07 September 2021


A scheme amendment request has been received by the Town of Cambridge for Lot 2 McClemans Road, Mount Claremont.

The scheme amendment proposal is to rezone Lot 2 McClemans Road, Mount Claremont to Development Zone, and introduce a Special Control Area over the subject area.

The Special Control Area has an associated purpose, objectives and provisions that are proposed to be applicable. An assessment of the scheme amendment request is underway. The assessment of the request is to be undertaken by officers of the Town before Council formally considers the proposal.

At its meeting of 24 August 2021, Council resolved to make the scheme amendment request documents available for viewing. The minutes of this meeting can be accessed here(PDF, 2MB).

7 February 2022 update: The scheme amendment request will be considered by the Town’s Development Committee on Tuesday, 15th February 2022, and the Town’s Council on Tuesday, 22nd February 2022. The agenda for the Development Committee will be available from Wednesday 9th February 2022 at the following page: Agendas & Minutes.

Revised scheme amendment request documentation was received by the Town on 13 January 2022 and is available on this page.

Outcome of February 2022 meetings: At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Tuesday 22 February 2022, Council deferred consideration of the item to a Special Council Meeting to be held on Friday 25 February 2022. At the Special Council Meeting Council resolved not to adopt the proposed scheme amendment. The minutes of the Special Council Meeting, including the resolution, can be accessed here.

The contents of the scheme amendment request documentation is as follows; Scheme Amendment Request Report Appendix.

Appendix 1 - Certificate of Title

Appendix 2 - Engagement Outcomes Report

Appendix 3 - Bushfire Management Plan (BMP)

Appendix 4 - Environmental Assessment Report (EAR)

Appendix 5 - District Water Management Strategy (DWMS)

Appendix 6 – Transport Impact Statement

Appendix 7 - Engineering & Servicing

Appendix 8 - Preliminary Concept Plan

Appendix 9 - Landscape Design Report

Due to the large size of the document it is available to be downloaded in parts.

Please note that the documents are currently provided for information only, not for the purposes of seeking public submissions. Any correspondence on this matter will be received and responded to in accordance with the Town’s customer service standards.

Community consultation requirements for scheme amendment proposals is outlined in Part 5 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

The Town will undertake community consultation and seek public submissions should the scheme amendment proposal progress to the stage that requires consultation.

A copy of the documents available on this page may also be viewed at the Town Administration Building, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat during business hours.

If you have further queries on this matter please contact the Town’s Strategic Planning Team on mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au or 9347 6000

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