Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority Plan Bold Park Controlled Burn

Published on 11 May 2023

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As part of a long-term research project, the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority (BGPA) is planning a controlled fire in Bold Park this autumn.

BGPA scientists are working to assess the best methods of managing bushfire risk and conserving the natural environment on the Swan Coastal Plain.

As part of this research, a controlled fire is planned to take place in Bold Park on one day between late April and late May 2023.

This will be dependent on all required weather and other safety conditions being met. This will be a carefully managed fire, of low intensity and low flame height, applied to a three-hectare site in the park.

Mature trees in the chosen site will be subject to mild scorching only. Animal habitat will be monitored as part of the scientific research. Controlled fires were successfully undertaken in Bold Park in April 2016 and Kings Park in 2022 as part of this project.

Since these fires, BGPA scientists have been tracking changes in the ecosystem as a result of the fire and subsequent management treatments. The experimental burn is part of the important scientific and horticultural research undertaken at Bold Park and Kings Park.

This experiment is aimed at understanding the appropriate timing between fires, and the role of weed management to ensure that the bushland stays healthy.

For more about the upcoming controlled burn, please refer to the BGPA website. Road closure information below.

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