Indonesian Delegation Inspired by Cambridge Water Innovations

Published on 14 September 2023


The Town of Cambridge recently extended a warm welcome to more than 50 distinguished visitors from the Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia, showcasing its pioneering water management solutions.

The exchange of knowledge, spearheaded by Andrew Head (Manager of Parks & Natural Environment), proved enlightening for the Indonesian delegation, leaving them deeply inspired and optimistic about the future.

During the presentation, Mr Head shed light on two remarkable water management projects that have set benchmarks in the field, resonating with visitors from around the world:

1. Perry Lakes Replenishment

  • Breathing New Life into a Natural Gem: The Perry Lakes Replenishment project stands as a testament to the restoration of a natural treasure within the town, employing stormwater-sensitive design principles. It demonstrates the successful revival of an ecosystem while accommodating urban development.
  • A Model for Urban Water Management: The project serves as a model for effectively managing water in urban environments, showcasing the seamless integration of natural processes with human needs.
  •  Shaping Water Resilience: The lessons gleaned from the Perry Lakes Replenishment project have the potential to shape the future of water resilience strategies, not only within Cambridge but on a global scale.

2. Lake Monger Swale Refurbishment

  • Transforming Lake Monger: The Lake Monger Swale Refurbishment project stands as a prime example of eco-friendly solutions that have rejuvenated Lake Monger. It represents a comprehensive effort to enhance climate resilience within the community.
  • Enhancing Climate Resilience: Through the adoption of sustainable practices, the project not only enhances the aesthetics of the area but also contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation, making it an inspiring blueprint for sustainable urban development.

The knowledge exchange with the Indonesian delegation holds profound significance, given Indonesia's current plans to create Nusantara, a new Capital City intended to replace Jakarta. This ambitious undertaking seeks to address pressing challenges, including sea-level rise and land subsidence. The Town is delighted to share its expertise and experiences to support this monumental international project.

This recent visit was not the initiation of international engagement, as in March 2023, the Town had the privilege of hosting the Minister of National Development and Planning from Indonesia, along with his distinguished delegation. During this visit, the Indonesian officials explored Cambridge's groundbreaking water projects and gained invaluable insights into sustainable urban water management practices.

The collaborative effort between the Town of Cambridge and Indonesia reflects the growing global interest in innovative water management solutions capable of addressing the effects of climate change and urbanisation. Through the exchange of knowledge and best practices, communities worldwide can collaborate to build more sustainable and resilient cities for future generations.


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