Mayor & Governance Manager Inspire West Leederville Primary Schoolers

Published on 03 April 2024


Mayor Gary Mack and Governance Manager Cassandra Jaeger visited West Leederville Primary School on 28 March 2024 to speak to Year 3 & 4 students about the pivotal role of local government.

The hall was abuzz with anticipation as the lively group of eager learners welcomed their guests with wide smiles, their eyes drawn to the Mayor’s ceremonial chains – a symbol of civic duty and leadership.

The presentation begun with Mayor Mack leading delving into the workings of the Town and answering questions alongside Ms Jaeger.

“Do you look after the parks?” one student asked curiously.

“What do the rangers do?” queried another.

The Mayor’s reply to a thoughtful question drew a hush over the room: “Being involved in your community starts with curiosity and a desire to make a difference. Every question you ask, every idea you share, helps build a stronger, more vibrant town for us all”.


The dialogue-filled visit left a lasting mark on the young hosts.

Reflecting on the class visit, Mayor Mack and Ms Jaeger found engaging with the students a powerful reminder of their work’s impact beyond the confines of Council meetings and office discussions.

“Talking to these future leaders reinforces the belief that our actions today pave the way for a brighter, more engaged community tomorrow. These children are not just students; they are the architects of our future”, Mayor Mack noted.

As the class visit concluded, the students' enthusiasm and curiosity highlighted the potential of the younger generation. Many expressed interests in becoming Mayor of Cambridge, emphasising the importance of civic engagement.


Mayor Mack and Ms Jaeger left West Leederville Primary School feeling inspired by the students' bright minds and renewed commitment to their civic duties.

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