Quarry Amphitheatre Upgrade Signals Commitment to Inclusive Community

Published on 23 January 2024


The Town of Cambridge is delighted to announce the successful first stage completion of its Quarry Amphitheatre amenities upgrades. Aligned with the Town’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP), this project aims to enhance the venue's accessibility for individuals with disability.

Key features of recently completed upgrades include:

1. Hearing Loop System: A cutting-edge system enabling Bluetooth-capable hearing aids to seamlessly connect to event audio, enhancing the experience for those with hearing impairments.

2. Universal Accessible Toilet (UAT): A new external UAT has been added adjacent to existing facilities, aiding individuals with disability while increasing the overall number of toilets available for eventgoers.

DSC06383_ML.jpg DSC06374_ML.jpg

The completion of these important upgrades signifies a crucial step in ensuring this stunning amphitheatre continues to be a welcoming destination for all.

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