Sunshine & Smiles at Perry Lakes Celebrate Summer

Published on 02 February 2024

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The vibrant Celebrate Summer event held at Perry Lakes Reserve on Saturday, 27 January 2024, was a resounding success, drawing families and community members together for a day filled with fun, learning, and entertainment.

Organised by the Town of Cambridge, the event showcased an array of activities, catering to all ages and interests. The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement and laughter as attendees immersed themselves in the numerous attractions spread across the leafy reserve.

A standout feature of the day was the sausage sizzle, expertly run by the Cambridge Scouts. Their enthusiastic participation added to the festive spirit of the occasion. The community showed tremendous support, highlighting the event's role in fostering community engagement and support for local groups.

Children and families were delighted by the diverse range of activities. The animal farm and reptile displays were major draws, offering up-close encounters with various animals and fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for wildlife. The face painting and bubble magic stations were swarmed with eager children, their faces transforming into canvases of bright colours, and their laughter mingling with the bubbles floating in the air.

Perhaps the most thrilling attractions were the fire engine rides and the inflatable sports activities, including dodgeball, football, and archery. These provided an adrenaline rush for adventure seekers and were a testament to the event’s commitment to providing diverse forms of entertainment.

The musical ambiance was set by the Kim Stolen duo, whose performances added a relaxed and chilled vibe to the event. Their melodies resonated throughout the reserve, creating a perfect backdrop for the day's activities.

Adding to the cultural richness of the event, Mr. Neville Collard's Welcome to Country ceremony was a reminder of the land's heritage and the importance of acknowledging and respecting the traditional custodians.

Glen Swift, the storyteller, captivated the children with his enchanting tales, drawing them into worlds of imagination and adventure. This, coupled with the Kids Nature Club's initiative allowing children to pot and take home succulents, added an educational element to the fun-filled day.

The Celebrate Summer' event at Perry Lakes Reserve was a testament to the community's spirit and the joy of shared experiences. It was a day where memories were made, laughter was shared, and the essence of summer was celebrated in the heart of the Town of Cambridge.