Decision made on the fate of the Norfolk Island Pines

Published on 26 August 2020

In the best interests of community safety, the Town of Cambridge has had to make the difficult decision to remove eight Norfolk Island pine trees from the City and Floreat Beach precincts.

The trees have been under stress and in serious decline for some time due to a number of factors, including drought conditions during the last two years and an increase in the level of sodium in the root zone.

While under this stress, unfortunately the trees became susceptible to a fungus called Neofusicoccum, which accelerated their decline.

Despite a concerted effort by the Town’s Parks and Environment Department, who undertook a series of measures to try and save the trees, including hand watering and soil treatments, the trees have unfortunately died.

Due to the height of the trees, their complete removal is necessary to prevent heavy boughs falling and endangering both pedestrians and vehicular traffic in the vicinity of West Coast Highway and Challenger Parade.

The iconic Norfolk Island pines will remain part of the Cambridge landscape, as 29 new trees will be planted throughout the Town this winter, with more coming in the winter of 2021. The new trees will be able to better resist the pathogen that has adversely affected the older trees.

The trees will be planted in areas supported by reticulation to ensure a regular water supply which will enhance their establishment and longevity.


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