Elected members to have their say on Local Government Act reform

Published on 18 February 2019


Town of Cambridge mayor Keri Shannon has been on the front foot when it comes to gathering her fellow elected members from Councils across WA to have their say on the current Local Government Act reform.

Mayor Shannon has invited all elected members to a forum to be hosted and held at the Town of Cambridge on 27 February at 6:00pm.

Mayor Shannon said there had been a series of workshops and forums for local government staff and professional associations to discuss possible reforms to the Act but so far elected members were yet to have a collective input.

"At present the reference group for this important legislative review excludes the public and comprises groups with interests in retaining the status quo within local government," she said.

"The local government forum sessions have not addressed the issues that are relevant to the public namely, how can local government services be delivered in a cost effective way, and how can cooperation across local government boundaries be encouraged."

The forum at the Town of Cambridge will include an address by former WA Politician and commentator, Larry Graham, on the importance of ensuring a proper and fulsome debate of the issues confronting local government.

"I encourage all elected members who are passionate about democracy to attend the forum be sure there has been adequate public participation in this important review of the Local Government Act." Mayor Shannon said.

Forum Details.

When: 27 February 6:00pm

Where: Town of Cambridge, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat.

RSVP: tracey.jackson@cambridge.wa.gov.au by 4pm 21 February

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