Embracing Community Engagement: The Revitalisation of South City Beach

Published on 09 February 2024


Submit your ideas

In the heart of our beloved community, the Town of Cambridge is embarking on an exciting journey to breathe new life into the South City Beach Kiosk and Amenities Building. This initiative represents not just a refurbishment project but a testament to our commitment to enhancing community spaces and fostering vibrant, inclusive public areas that reflect the spirit and needs of our residents.

The South City Beach Kiosk, a notable structure designed by the renowned architect Tony Brand in 1970, stands as a symbol of architectural innovation. Its unique blend of Brutalist and Organic styles captures the essence of the coastal environment. However, since its closure in 2013, the kiosk has awaited a new chapter, one that the Town of Cambridge is now ready to write with the help of our community. 

A Call for Creative Ideas

Recognising the potential of this iconic building, the Town is inviting submissions from the public for its future use. We are seeking ideas that not only pay homage to the kiosk's architectural heritage but also contribute to the beach culture and the community's well-being. This Expression of Interest (EOI) is not just about finding a new tenant but about gathering innovative, community-focused concepts that could range from cultural spaces, art installations, to social enterprises.

The Vision for South City Beach Kiosk

Our vision extends beyond commercial ventures. We aim to transform the kiosk into a hub that offers both a commercial benefit and a community service, aligning with the Town's strategic intention to provide accessible, high-quality open spaces. Proposals are encouraged to be imaginative, reflecting the beach's vibrant culture and the community's diverse needs, without being confined to traditional food and beverage services.

Community Engagement and Decision-Making

This project underscores the importance of community input in shaping public spaces. Following the submission deadline at Thursday 2pm, 28 March 2024, the Town will shortlist ideas and potentially consult further with the public, ensuring that the chosen concept truly resonates with the community's aspirations. This inclusive approach not only enriches the decision-making process but also strengthens the bond between the government and its residents.

Looking Forward

As we move forward with this project, we invite everyone to participate, whether by submitting ideas, attending the site visit, or simply engaging in conversations about the future of the South City Beach Kiosk. This is more than a development project; it's an opportunity to showcase the creativity, spirit, and community values that make the Town of Cambridge a remarkable place to live and visit.

Together, let's reimagine the South City Beach Kiosk as a beacon of community pride and innovation, setting a precedent for how public spaces can serve as catalysts for cultural and social enrichment.