No skip bins used in Verge Valet Service

Published on 01 December 2020


The Town of Cambridge launched its trial new verge waste collection service known as Verge Valet on 26 October and an incredible 437 bookings have been completed in its first full month of operation with a further 418 bookings made until 20 January 2021.

The service is being coordinated by the Western Metropolitan Regional Council which also includes the Towns of Cottesloe and Mosman Park as participants.

Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon said that the Town understood that some residents may have been reluctant to embrace the change with the new service but once they had tried it, the feedback had been overwhelmingly in favour.

“Currently the feedback indicates a 4.6 out of 5 rating of the service with a 72% overall approval rating,” she said.

“The feedback survey also includes one question where residents can indicate whether they prefer the new service or the traditional verge collection. “All of the votes and feedback will form part of the report to Council at the conclusion of the trial.

“Unfortunately there was also some incorrect information circulated in the local press and on social media regarding the service which incorrectly stated that the service involved using skip-bins.

“Our neighbouring Council, the City of Stirling has the skip bin service but I can confirm the Verge Valet Service in Cambridge does not. Mayor Shannon also said that another misconception was the new service reduced the recycling of household items due resident not being able to fossick over goods on a verge.

“The new service actually increases the ability for goods to be recycled as household items are broken down and the components are recycled reducing the amount sent to landfill.

“We encourage residents to contact the many ‘Buy Nothing’ or community social-media sites that assist with recycling whole household items if they are still too good to be placed on the verge.

“A common comment in the feedback is that residents are pleased that people are not fossicking through items on their verge.” Mayor Shannon also wanted to remind residents that the new service is available for the full year and not just as a replacement for the previous ‘Spring Verge Collection’ conducted at this time of the year.



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