Town of Cambridge Has Successful Prosecution Against House Extension

Published on 22 May 2019

The Town of Cambridge has had a successful prosecution in the Perth Magistrates Court today Wednesday May 22, in regards to the matter pertaining to Mr Francis Tak Lua Kwa who had added a second storey to his Floreat house without planning approval and the appropriate Building Permit.

Mr Kwa pleaded guilty to both charges and has been fined $90,000 and was ordered to pay the Town of Cambridge's court costs of $4,000.

Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon said that today's fine was significant and hoped it would act as a deterrent against illegal building and ensure that building codes and planning laws were complied with.

"The building and planning codes are there for a reason and we hope that this ruling, in favour of the Town of Cambridge, will deter anyone else who may think that they can renovate or extend a house without a building permit.

"The same planning rules apply to everyone to ensure residential amenity is protected," she said.

The maximum penalty for building without a Building Permit is $50,000. The maximum penalty for carrying out development without planning approval is $100,000.

"Mr Kwa was given numerous opportunities to cease his unauthorised works and comply, but chose to ignore the Town's Orders and Notices.

"He is a registered Builder and therefore was well aware of the requirements" Mayor Shannon said.

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