Town of Cambridge Launches Pool Cover Recycling Program

Published on 10 December 2020


Town of Cambridge Launches Pool Cover Recycling with Great Success The Town of Cambridge held its inaugural pool cover ‘drop off’ day on Saturday 5 December to great success.

The initiative, which is a first for a Council in WA and possibly Australia, resulted in 45 plastic covers being collected at the Administration Centre carpark during the four-hour drop off period.

The amount collected weighted weighed 656 kilograms, and when laid out together, would have covered 2000 square metres.

The Town of Cambridge has formed a partnership Green Machines Lab for the collection and recycling of the covers.

Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon congratulated the community on responding so well to the inaugural program.

“I am so pleased to see how much plastic waste was diverted from land-fill with just this one initiative,” she said.

“Being the first time it has been held anywhere in the State, we had people coming from as far away as Toodyay to hand in their covers.

“The old covers will now be broken down and re-used for things like waterproofing material in building construction.

“I would also like to acknowledge our Waste Services team for their continued excellence in seeking and establishing ground breaking recycling programs such as this.”

The Town will hold its next pool cover collection day on Saturday, 14 March 2021.

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