Cambridge engage legal representation to resolve latent defects

Published on 28 June 2019


The Town of Cambridge has had to engage senior legal representation to help resolve ongoing latent construction defects at the Wembley Sports Park and City Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.

Wembley Sports Park overflow carpark was designed to permit the use of the grassed car park during the winter netball season and act as a passive space at other times of the year.

Unfortunately the design and construction of the grassed car park did not achieve the anticipated outcome for the Town as the area does not drain adequately, causing localised flooding with vehicles then damaging the access lane surface and causing difficulties for pedestrians to cross safely.

The City Beach Surf Life Saving Club, and surrounds, has three main defects including significant internal water leakage from the 'green roof' causing damage to the building, major movement of the concrete beach access ramp causing damage to the beach retaining wall and shower tiles now falling off the wall in the club changerooms.

These defects unfortunately were not reported to Council by those senior staff who were responsible and aware of the issues and have only come to light recently after their departure.

The matter is complex and the Town initially held numerous meetings with the various parties involved in the design and construction to resolve. Unfortunately a satisfactory outcome could not be agreed between the parties.

Mayor Keri Shannon said that it is disappointing the Town has been placed in a position where it has no option but to engage legal representation, however she indicated it was the responsible and appropriate action to take on these matters in order to have them resolved as soon as possible.

"In regards to the Surf Club defects, the public will be pleased to know that we are already in the process of receiving quotes for the rectification work from independent firms - that were not involved in the original construction - so remediation will not be held up any ongoing legal process," she said.

"We anticipate confirming the quotes and having the work to commence within the next month with a view for completion by late spring".

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