Verge Valet to Commence Service in Cambridge

Published on 26 October 2020


The Town of Cambridge has taken the next step with one of its waste management programs and will be commencing the Verge Valet service from Monday 26 October.

This new service will be a 12 month trial which seeks to upgrade and improve of the traditional bulk verge pick-up that the Town has been previously conducting twice a year.

Mayor Keri Shannon said it was the next, more efficient, phase of residential bulk waste management.

“With Verge Valet, Cambridge residents can book a direct bulk and greenwaste collection if and when they need it on a date that suits them,” she said.

Mayor Shannon said that the new service alleviates concerns that have arisen in recent years with the traditional placing of waste on verges for weeks prior to a collection.

“The Town was having issues with illegal dumping, the defacing of goods, people rummaging and unsettling items that can blow away and litter the streets or become potential projectiles in strong winds and just the general unsightliness of it all,” she said.

The new service is provided by the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) of which Cambridge is a participating Council.

WMRC CEO Stefan Frodsham said Verge Valet was simple to use, a more convenient option for residents and cost effective for councils.

“Our experience with the Towns of Mosman Park and Cottesloe shows that the system delivers a better resident service with no increase in cost to Councils,” he said.

“It also helps Councils to meet their waste avoidance and recycling goals.

“Existing users have been very enthusiastic.”

Bookings can be made online with the WMRC by visiting or calling the Recycling Hotline 9384 6711.

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