Approved Local Planning Scheme Amendment

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Town of Cambridge Local Planning Scheme No. 1

Scheme Amendment No. 40

In accordance with Section 87 of the Planning and Development Act 2005, notice is hereby given that the Minister for Planning approved the Town of Cambridge Scheme Amendment 40 to Local Planning Scheme No. 1 on 27 April 2022. Notice of the approved amendment was published in the Government Gazette on 13 May 2022.

The approved amendment adds additional land uses ‘Liquor Store (A)’ and ‘Take Away Food Outlet (A)’ to Schedule B ‘Additional Uses’ of Local Planning Scheme No. 1 for Lot 201 (No. 69) McCourt Street, West Leederville, and amends the Scheme Map accordingly.

A copy of the approved Amendment No. 40 as published in the Government Gazette can be viewed here.

The Town’s Local Planning Scheme can be viewed here.