Meetings to be Held and Attended by Electronic Means

On Display Indefinitely

Town of Cambridge Committee and Ordinary Council Meetings

 – to be Held and Attended by Electronic Means

Pursuant to the Local Government (Administration) Amendment Regulations 2020, and the current Public Health Emergency declared under the Public Health Act 2016, and State of Emergency declared under the Emergency Management Act 2005, Public Notice is hereby provided, that in accordance with:

1.        Regulation 14C and 14D, Town of Cambridge scheduled Committee and Ordinary Council Meetings will be held and attended by electronic means until further notice.

2.        Regulation 14E(3)(b), meetings are deemed to be open to the public under section 5.23(1) if the Town of Cambridge:

           (i)        makes the unconfirmed minutes available for public inspection under Regulation 13; OR

           (ii)       the Council or Committee publicly broadcasts the meeting on a website; OR

           (iii)      the meeting or a broadcast of the meeting is otherwise accessible to the public.

           It is noted that the Town will continue to make unconfirmed minutes and non-confidential recordings of meetings available on the Town’s website.

3.        Regulation 14E(4)(a), the Town has provided the means to submit a question prior to the meeting through the Town’s “Ask Council a Question” submission form available on the Town’s website.  Questions submitted will be made available to Elected Members and included in the minutes of the meeting.

4.        Regulation 14E(5), the agenda and associated papers have been made available to Elected Members, and to the public on the Town’s website.





Download the notice here(PDF, 56KB)