Wards & Boundaries Statutory Review

29 October 2018, 05:00 PM

The Town of Cambridge is conducting a review of its wards and representation and invites public participation in the review. Ward boundaries and the number of offices of councillor for each ward will be reviewed against the following five factors:

  • communities of interest;
  • Physical and topographical features;
  • demographic trends;
  • economic factors;
  • and the ratio of Elected Members to Electors in the various wards.

A Discussion Paper is available outlining the current situation and several alternative ward structures and is available for download here. Interested persons are invited to make a written submission about any aspect of ward boundaries and representation, and may submit:

Online: Feedback Form at the Community Consultation page here 

Email: mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au Fax: (08) 947 6060 Post: Town of Cambridge, 1 Bold Park Drive, FLOREAT WA 6014 by 5:00pm Monday, 29 October 2018.

Further information can be obtained from the Coordinator Governance, Mrs Lee Gyomorei on telephone (08) 9285 3109 or email mail@cambridge.wa.gov.au.