Ruislip Street Safe Active Street

Submissions closing on 12 October 2020, 05:00 PM

Community Consultation

The Town invites feedback from the community on the Ruislip Street Safe Active Street Project.

The Town of Cambridge is proposing that Ruislip Street becomes the main route for a Safe Active Street, connecting people from east to west from Leederville train station to the Boulevard bike path via Southport Street, Woolwich Street/Tower Street, Kimberley Street, Ruislip Street and Bournville Street.

The Town also recognises the potential to safely connect people to Lake Monger open space via Kimberley Street, Woolwich Street, Holyrood Street, Kerr Street to Railway Parade linking to Subiaco via the Hamilton Street bridge (Option 1) or if the community prefers (Option 2) linking the Lake Monger precinct to the West Leederville train station and the underpass via the Northwood Street.

Those who may have an active interest in the project may include, but not limited to;

  • Residents living along the proposed routes and businesses located within the vicinity as it will alter the streetscape.
  • Students who cycle to school at the West Leederville or Wembley Primary Schools or Bob Hawke College.
  • Recreational walkers and cyclists wishing to access parks and commercial amenities along a route with less vehicular traffic.
  • Cyclists commuting to the CBD.
  • Cyclists wishing to access West Leederville train station from the western suburbs.

Provide feedback

Submissions close 5.00pm, Monday 12 October 2020.

What is a safe active street?

The Town of Cambridge is a vibrant inner-city community, surrounded by many natural and cultural features. What better way to explore these surroundings than by foot and by bike? The Safe Active Streets Program is a way of making all this possible by converting quiet residential streets into shared active walking and bike riding routes, linking local places of interest including schools, parks, shops and churches.

Safe active streets aim to fill the missing links in the larger bike network by using a range of local traffic calming measures aimed to lower vehicle speeds to 30km/h.

The addition of street enhancements along the route such as seating, tree plantings and bike repair stations, can help to improve neighbourhood amenities and create a welcoming, connected street space for everyone.


The Town of Cambridge Bike Plan 2018-22 was adopted by council in July 2018 which identified a continuous east to west route within the Town linking Leederville train station to the coast.

The route would give the community an alternative safe, environmentally friendly mode of transport to use travelling between multiple destinations within the Town.

The route would provide access to a number of schools within the Town and three major business and retail areas (Leederville, Wembley and Floreat) The route was chosen due to the location of the other arterial roads within the Town which could not be considered for conversion to Safe Active Streets. Cambridge Street to the south and Grantham/Lake Monger Drive to the north. Ruislip Street is centrally located with good links to local amenities. Kimberley Street is also a good link for north to south movement of pedestrians and cyclists who would like to use the recreational activities of Lake Monger reserve or access to Subiaco and the Perth to Fremantle PSP.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Ruislip Street chosen as the main avenue for the project?

Ruislip Street is an east-west corridor within of the Town of Cambridge that has less traffic volumes than its Cambridge and Grantham Street counterparts to the north and south.

Who will benefit from the safe active streets?

The aim is to make streets safer for everyone and are a convenient, easy and sociable way to get around. They are designed to create comfortable

environments for road users with all levels of experience. Safe active streets allow mums, dads, children, senior citizens and others to make short trips on bikes to schools, parks, shops or visiting neighbours.

They also have additional tree plantings to provide a shady and cooler street for street users.

Aside from the improved visual appeal of the street, more local people will be using the street increasing the natural surveillance in the area and improving community connections.

How is the project being funded?

The project is funded by the Department of Transport Safe Active Streets Program with $2.2 million awarded to the Town of Cambridge for concept, detailed design and construction of the infrastructure.

All other expenses associated with the project are funded from the program budget but are not included in the grant. These costs will include consultant fees, data collection and communications collateral.

Can cars still pass bike riders?

Yes, as per WA road rules a driver may overtake a bike rider if there is enough space to do so safely (with a minimum of one metre passing distance), they have a clear view of the road ahead and they do not exceed the 30kmh speed limit.

How does the Safe Active Streets Project fit into the State’s transport network?

Perth has all the ingredients needed for great walking and bike riding – a warm climate, flat topography and outstanding natural beauty. As our population increases and more people live near centres of activity, walking and cycling can play a big part in helping to reduce congestion, improve air quality, support local businesses and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

Will there be any inconvenience to the residents along the proposed safe active street?

Yes, there will be some inconvenience during the construction stages, however it is not anticipated that there will be any inconvenience once the works have been completed. This project aims to increase residential amenity by creating a quieter and safer environment.

When is the project expected to be completed?

If the project receives community support, then it is expected to be completed by June 2021.

If the project is supported by the community, what happens next?

A report will be presented to Council seeking approval to implement the project. Any design modifications required will be undertaken in partnership with the Department of Transport with a final design presented to the Community. A tender process will be called which will include a construction timeline.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this publication is provided in good faith and believed to be accurate at time of publication. The Town shall in no way be liable for any loss sustained or incurred by anyone relying on the information. September 2020.



Download Ruislip Street Safe Active Street Brochure  here (PDF, 2MB)

Documents and survey are available in an alternative format upon request. Contact the Town via 08 9347 6000  or