Cambridge St Reconstruction/Birkdale Intersection & Parking Upgrade

  • Project typeIntersection upgrade
  • Project scheduleJanuary 2023 - July 2023
Birkdale June.png

This project will involve rehabilitation of Cambridge Street (Lissadell to Selby), in line with asset management requirements, and to address concerns raised during public consultation that identified:

  • A perception of high traffic speed (east-bound) 
  • Insufficient and difficult parking 
  • Lack of disability parking 
  • Pedestrian crossing of Cambridge Street difficult 
  • A need to protect pedestrians and diners from errant vehicles 
  • The need for street-scaping and right angle parking of Birkdale Street south of Cambridge Street and 
  • Verge paving on Birkdale Street south of Cambridge Street.  

In response to these concerns, Council established the “Cambridge and Birkdale Street Precinct” project reference group. Over multiple meetings, the group developed a concept design that involved:

  • Improvement of parking provision in Birkdale Street
  • Installation of a speed plateau at the Cambridge Street/Birkdale Street intersection
  • Installation of additional median islands along Cambridge Street to further address speeding
  • Asphalt resurfacing of Cambridge Street (Lissadell to Selby).

Cambridge Street Road Rehabilitation, The Birkdale Street intersection and the parking improvement projects have been combined for a Town contractor to undertake as a single work package. The works involve:

Cambridge Street (Lissadel to Selby Street);
• Removal and replacement of kerbing
• Removal and replacement of the Road surface (Rehabilitation)
• Removal and widening of crossing points.

Cambridge Street & Birkdale Intersection.
• Construction of raised intersection platform.

Birkdale Street (Cambridge St to Salvado Rd)
• 90-degree bay installations
• Improvements to the existing streetscape and kerbing
• Removal and replacement of road surface. 


Progress Updates

The design and line marking approval has been completed, and the Town is now involved with the scheduling and contracting of the works. Currently, asphalting will be undertaken during the week starting 2 May, with civil works planned four to five weeks prior.

Please note that during construction we will be implementing one way road closures, as the contractors undertake different portions of the works.  The main works to be undertaken will involve:

  • Replacement of older kerbing along Cambridge Street
  • Installation of median islands and a speed plateau to slow traffic
  • Milling and asphalt resurfacing of the road pavement
  • Upgrade of parking along Birkdale St and resurfacing.


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