Jersey Street and Grantham Street Intersection

  • Project typeRoad Safety Improvements
  • Project scheduleJanuary 2023 - May 2023

Background details

The intersection of Jersey Street and Grantham Street has posed safety concerns for both the local community and the Town of Cambridge. To address this, the Town is investigating the best long term treatment option to improve the safety of the intersection.

The Town has explored effective treatments that improve safety while limiting impacts on other adjacent intersections, in consultation with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA). This included a roundabout, traffic signals, and various turning movement restrictions. The feasibility of each was considered, which resulted in a Blackspot funding application for a multi-intersection treatment(PDF, 854KB) for the financial year 2023/24.

Blackspot funding is provided by the State Government to make safety improvements to high-risk roads across the state. This intersection meets the criteria for funding due to the number of vehicle crashes that have occurred there in the past five years.

The outcome of the funding application is expected to be announced in May 2023. More information is included in this Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 315KB) info sheet.

What is happening now?

Before this is decided as the permanent treatment, a trial of the multi-intersection treatment(PDF, 854KB) will be undertaken to determine if the Black Spot treatment requested will be supported by the community.

At the same time, Council would like to understand the community’s views towards the alternative approaches that could be explored. To do this, Council has resolved to:

1. Undertake a trial of the multi-intersection treatment for one month from 23 January, and seek the community’s views on extending this trial to 31 May (Currently underway)

2. Undertake community engagement regarding the options for road treatments at this intersection. (Currently Underway)

Have your say

Local residents and stakeholders are invited to complete the survey to inform Council about the preferred approach for this intersection.

Before doing so, please read the FAQ(PDF, 315KB) information provided to help you understand the proposed options and the factors that need to be considered when making the final decision.

Trial Details

From the 23 January 2023, using temporary traffic management devices, certain movements at and through the intersections at both Jersey Street and Pangbourne Street will be prohibited. Available movements to each lane are shown for each intersection, in the diagram below. 



The staggering of movement across two intersections reduces impacts to the predominant movements, while reducing the risks and number of conflict points at each intersection. During the trial the below map shows the alternate routes to take when moving through the area.


  • Vehicles traveling TOWARDS Herdsman Lake should utilise Pangbourne Street (BLUE)
  • Vehicles traveling TOWARDS Wembley IGA should utilise Jersey Street (PINK)
  • Vehicles traveling FROM Wembley IGA towards Lake Monger should utilise Pangbourne Street
  • Vehicles traveling FROM Herdsman Lake towards Floreat Forum should utilise Jersey Street.


While the funding application cannot be changed at this point, this engagement could serve as a catalyst for future application or alternative funding mechanisms.

The trial is will continue in place until Council determines how to proceed with the project and/ or trial . The outcome of this serves for the preparation of further engagement activities or determination.

The outcomes of this community engagement and trial will form part of a report presented to the Ordinary Meeting of Council in May.


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