Kimberley Street - Lake Monger Drive Intersection

  • Project scheduleAugust 2021 - September 2021
  • Completion Date30 September 2021
Kimberley St.png

The Lake Monger Drive and Kimberley Street intersection has been identified as needing improvements to increase the safety of how vehicles navigate this area. From 2015 to 2019 there have been 22 recorded crashes. The Town has been successful in securing external funding to improve the intersection by increasing the left and right turning lanes out of Kimberley Street.

Works have been scheduled to commence in August of 2021 and to be completed no later than September 2021. At the completion of the works the intersection will allow a more streamline approach of vehicles turning left and right from Kimberley Street which will aid in lower congestion at the intersection.

Should you have any queries regarding this project, please contact the Town’s Design and Engineering team on 08 9347 6000 or write us at


Kimberley Street and Lake Monger Drive, Wembley 6014  View Map

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