Lake Monger Activity Plan



The Town of Cambridge developed a draft Lake Monger Activity Plan based on feedback from community consultation carried out in mid-2016. The draft Plan introduced a range of options that, subject to community support, would guide Council to deliver improvements to Lake Monger. These improvements include new facilities for passive and active use which align with the 2008-2018 Lake Monger Management Plan. 

The concepts illustrate possible land uses and facilities designed to enhance the activity around Lake Monger, while preserving and protecting the areas ecological, cultural heritage, and recreational values.


April 2018

Council has now completed its review of the community feedback on the draft Lake Monger Activity Plan, with the final plan to be presented to Council in June. 

Some elements of the plan have been amended to reflect community feedback but many aspects of the proposed plan received strong community support and have been included in the final plan. 


Amendments have been made to the proposed promenade along the lake edge, which will now be a partial promenade including a grassed area along the southern lake edge on Lake Monger Drive. The inclusion of a permanent on site café will not be included at this stage but pop up food and beverage outlets will be available to assess the level of demand before committing to a permanent café facility. A formal music stage or shell will not be included in the final plan. 

Further to these changes, the Town will undertake a more comprehensive study regarding pedestrian movements crossing Lake Monger Drive before it commits to any changes to the traffic and parking arrangements. 

Council will also engage with local sporting clubs and groups to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of the future requirements before making major changes around the Lake Monger Recreation Club area and the northern Lake Monger area. Council has also decided further planning in the Lake Monger Recreation Club area is to include the potential for a men's shed. 

Residents will be advised prior to the final plans submission to Council for endorsement in June. 

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March 2018

The Town has completed its report into the outcomes of the community feedback on the draft plan.

The insight and ideas expressed by the community in the September 2017 survey provided vital information for the next phase of the project.
The community feedback has now been collated and included in the consultation report. The report has now been finalised and will be presented to Council for consideration.
The report will be discussed at next week's Community and Resources Committee meeting.This is an opportunity for the public to ask questions about the report or make a deputation to the Committee regarding the report.

Who: Community and Resources Committee
What: Lake Monger Activity Plan Report Discussion
When: Monday, 19 March 6:00 pm
Where: Council Chambers, 1 Bold Park Drive Floreat

The report will then be considered at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 28 March 2018.

Who: Council
What: Lake Monger Activity Plan Report Consideration
When: Tuesday, 27 March 6:00 pm
Where: Council Chambers, 1 Bold Park Drive Floreat
The protocol for questions at Council meetings is slightly different to Committee meetings. Information regarding public questions at Council meetings can be found on the Ask Council a Question page on the Town website. Any Council meetings deputations are at the discretion of the Mayor presiding on the night.
The Lake Monger Activity Plan Report will be available from Thursday, 15 March 2018.

Read the Community & Resources Committee Agenda and attachments

August 2017

In August 2017, the Town undertook community engagement on the draft Lake Monger Activity Plan. 

2008 - 2016

The Town, with the support and involvement of the community had developed a Lake Monger Management Plan in 2008. This plan brought together the plans and aspirations for the environmental, leisure, visitation, aboriginal and European heritage of Lake Monger under one document.

The Town's Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 and its predecessor outlined as part of our focus on activating our major public open spaces that the Town should develop a Lake Monger Activity Plan which came out of the Management Plan. The purpose of the plan is to develop a framework that, over time, the Town can develop and improve the passive and active leisure facilities within Lake Monger. This plan would work in conjunction with Environmental management plans for the Reserve and Lake.

A community workshop to start developing the plan was undertaken in June 2016 with a further workshop with Elected Members in October 2016. In November 2016, the Council endorsed a draft Lake Monger Activity Plan that would be used to seek the community's views, after the Elected Members were able to provide further guidance on the community engagement process.


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