Moray Avenue - Traffic Calming

  • Project scheduleAugust 2021 - October 2021
  • Completion Date31 October 2021

The Town received a petition on 22 June 2020, containing 49 signatures supporting a request for traffic calming intervention along Moray Avenue to effectively regulate traffic speed and deter through traffic.

The Town then submitted a report regarding the petition to Council at its meeting held 17 August 2020, where it was resolved:

That Council: -

1.          APPROVES the Town to undertake community consultation to measure support for the installation of traffic calming measures on Moray Avenue between Dumfries Road and Grantham Street in Floreat; and

2.          REQUESTS the Town to report back to Council with the result.”  

The Town undertook Community Consultation from 14 to 28 September 2020 with letters being sent to 54 local residents and containing two options for traffic treatments. Two concept plans were produced for this consultation, one with three blister island treatments and the other showing three watts profiled speed humps.

The consultation attracted 20 responses from the 54 residents surveyed. A report regarding the results of the consultation was presented to Council at its meeting held 15 December 2020. Council resolved to defer this matter to the next Elected Members Forum to look at different options for traffic management treatment. The Town has now completed a new concept plan for the traffic treatments including three chicanes along Moray Avenue. Further public consultation will be carried out with the new concept designs to establish the desired treatments for the street.