Perry Lakes Replenishment Project

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'Replenishing water back to the Lakes'

The Perry Lakes Project seeks to permanently re-establish historic water levels in the lakes. This will be done by diverting excess water from the Herdsman Main Drain into Perry Lakes by upgrading and improving existing drainage infrastructure links. Revitalising the lakes and establishing permanent water bodies at more historic levels will provide a range of aesthetic, recreation and environmental benefits for the broader community. The following are the main objectives and anticipated outcomes of the project in order of priority.

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1. Community Values

Water has always been a powerful attractor in nature and in our urban settings. With improved water levels in the lakes throughout the whole year, more people will be enticed to visit the enriched Perry Lakes parkland and enjoy its unique qualities especially the attractive views and vistas of the water from the surrounding parkland and roadways. Project benefits include; - Improved amenity and enjoyment for a wider range of users throughout the whole year; - Increased wildlife and birdlife viewing opportunities; - Better management of weeds and invasive species; - Cooling and humidifying effects in summer enhancing usability of surrounds; - Greater accessibility to water bodies and increased infrastructure opportunities - Improved use synergies between the lakes and the surrounding recreation areas; - Improved education opportunities and better appreciation of culture and natural heritage; - Enhanced community wellbeing through increased physical activity, more socialising and ‘being involved’ and greater exposure to nature. The Project will ensure increased visitation and general awareness which will lead to opportunities for community members to take greater active interest in the lakes and their surrounds and potentially contribute to the management and ongoing improvements to the area through involvement in activities and community groups. Such partnership opportunities between the community, the Town, and education institutions can support "citizen science" activities, increasing community awareness and developing initiatives for further improvements of these unique and important wetlands.

2. Increased Diversity of Activity

The improved attractiveness of the precinct could increase local use and wider tourist visitation and support the potential for activation of some small scale and low impact commercial ventures such as a café. These can be located and designed to be sensitive and complimentary to the setting and any surrounding residential areas. Encouraging such diversity of activity within what will be an enhanced recreational experience will add value to the local area consistent with the community desire to better engage with the environment and have more options for doing so.

3. Sustainability

The additional water diverted to the lakes will recharge the interconnected groundwater system, potentially improving groundwater availability to areas surrounding the lakes, (including Camel Lake in Bold Park) and improve the potential future availability of irrigation water. Bore water currently being used to top up the East Lake in summer will no longer be required and may be available for other purposes. The redirection of water from the Herdsman Main Drain will not only improve the quality of Perry Lakes but significantly reduce the amount of valuable water presently being lost to sea via the current pipe which discharges at Floreat Beach. The project can also explore opportunities to minimise energy consumption in the implementation phase and with ongoing operations.

4. Ecology Enhancement

A greater range of water depth throughout the year will improve the natural values of the lakes by increasing their biological productivity and ability to support a wider range of waterbirds, tortoises, frogs and other aquatic fauna and flora. The lakes will provide more diverse breeding habitats, offsetting the loss of this function in many other wetlands in Perth which are succumbing to the drying climate and reduced groundwater levels. Creating more sustainable open water at Perry Lakes will also protect breeding habitats on the existing islands and improving natural systems will enhance water quality, algae, odour, and midge and mosquito control.



June 2020

Tenders closed 24 June.

May 2020 

Tenders called for the Design and Construction of the Herdsmen Main Drain to Perry Lakes Drainage Diversion Project.

July 2019


After more than 320mm of wonderful rain (more than 12 inches in the old money) since the beginning of June the water has collected to quench Perry Lakes' thirst.

Also at the Meeting of Council on 23 July the Budget was passed for the coming 2019/2020 year with a $2.4million contribution to the Perry Lakes Project.

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4 June 2019 

Mayor Shannon met Local Member for Churchlands Sean L'Estrange MLA on site to discuss the details of the proposed project.


April 2019

Weed clearing of the Lakes commenced.


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