Road Rehabilitation - The Boulevard (Empire Avenue to Clanmel Road)

  • Project typeRoad Rehabilitation Program
  • Project scheduleAugust 2023 - February 2024
The Boulevard E to C.jpg

The Town of Cambridge receives Federal and State Government grants to facilitate rehabilitation work on eligible roads under the State funding program. This funding is utilised on higher order roads to ensure the condition of the road network is maintained and not degraded over the long term.

An assessment of this road shows evidence of surface cracking, particularly in the wheel path of vehicles. This is an indication of a failure of the underlying basecourse.

The rehabilitation work will use a process called foamed bitumen stabilisation. This is carried out by a process that creates foamed bitumen by injecting small amounts of water and air into standard road-grade bitumen at high pressure. The foam is mixed through the existing road pavement to increase the pavement strength and stability.

The product is able to be applied with minimal disruption to residents and road users alike. Foamed bitumen stabilised pavements are a sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to rehabilitating pavements.

Current Status

The project is in the design phase; a survey has been commissioned to identify existing assets with construction drawings being prepared.

Next Stage

Once the construction drawings are finalised and approved, the Town will issue these to our contractors to schedule the work. This involves staging the works to minimise impacts on the community. 

What to Expect During Works

Due to the nature of the work, it is expected that sections of the road will be left unsealed and open to traffic periodically. While this will increase dust and noise in the immediate work area, it is an unavoidable consequence of the nature of this work. Measures will be in place to minimise the impact, and speed reduction will be in place during these periods as well as detours.

Road Closures and Detours

To be notified of closures dates please check back here for updates.