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The Underground Power project is in progress with the charge notices being issued on 18 September 2018.

The Underground Power project is broken into four (4) distinct project areas specifically:

Project Areas.

1. Floreat East. Commenced 12 June 2018, estimated completion date June 2019, 33 % project completed.

2. Floreat North. Commenced 5 June 2018, estimated completion date July 2019, 13% project completed.

3. Floreat West. Not yet commenced, envisaged starting date 15 November 2018, estimated completion date October 2019.

4. Wembley/West Leederville. Not yet commenced, envisaged starting date 21 January 2019, estimated completion date mid-January 2020.

Invoice Queries.

The Town has identified that there has been anomalies associated with the State Underground Power Project (SUPP) charge notices sent to owners involved in the project areas. The Town is in the process of rectifying these issues and is committed to reviewing its database and correcting any misinformation.

If you have been incorrectly billed, the Town will be issuing a revised invoice after the review. The Town and Western Power are working together to identify any incorrect information assigned to the property. The Town is also undertaking property inspection to verify that the invoice information is correct.

At the conclusion of each SUPP, the Town and Western Power will cross check the works undertaken on each property against the proposed works to ensure that property owners have been billed correctly.