Alderbury Reserve – Proposed new Sports Pavilion

  • Project scheduleDesign January 2020 - September 2020. Construction consideration February 2021
  • Completion Date28 February 2021
alderbury existing.jpg

Following a long and detailed design and consultation period, the final concept design was approved by Council at the October 2020 meeting, with the only major departure from the original project brief, being a reduction from four change rooms to two.

Considerable work has gone into ensuring we blend the new building with the immediately adjacent hockey clubrooms and surroundings. There was input from multiple stakeholders, ranging from the existing users (clubs), the Town of Cambridge Design Review Panel, public consultation with an 88% approval rating, and input from the Elected Members. The final plan is something we can all be proud of and we are extremely pleased with the highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing end result.

The project is now in the detailed design stage, and although there is no room for error, it is planned to complete the designs and go to tender for construction with tenders closing before Christmas. This would allow us to dodge the delays that are normally incurred through the general construction industry shut down over December/January. It is an ambitious schedule, but if achieved the Town will have a recommendation for Council to consider for awarding construction at the Ordinary Council Meeting February 2021.

Approved Concept Floorplan

alderbury concept plan.png



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