South City Beach Kiosk Soffit Concrete Repairs

  • Project schedule30 November 2020 - Mid-March 2021
  • Completion Date22 March 2021
south city beach kiosk.png

The South City Beach Kiosk, constructed in 1970, comprises of concrete formwork construction.  In 2018, it was listed as a Category 2 building in the Local Government Heritage inventory list.

The toilets and change rooms were closed in 2015 due to concerns about the integrity of the concrete structure.  Since then, spalling of the concrete has continued to worsen, particularly on the soffit of the roof.  The spalling has been caused by corrosion of the steel reinforcement within the concrete, caused by the aggressive nature of the coastal environment.

A structural condition assessment of the building was undertaken by Alliance Engineering Consultants (AEC) on 17 June 2019, which identified that there are significant remedial works required to repair the concrete structure of the building. In summary the report found that:

  1. The area with significant structural damage is the slab soffit which is exposed to the environment;
  2. The survey highlighted that concrete degradation due to corrosion of the reinforcement steel has taken place.
  3. The corrosion of the bars is very advanced and it is unlikely that all the reinforcement bars affected by corrosion be treated.

Tender 2020-22 - South City Beach Kiosk Concrete Roof Soffit Repairs was advertised in the West Australian Newspaper and on the Town’s website on 15 August 2020. The tender submission period closed on 16 September 2020, with nine submissions received.

Council awarded the contract to Buss on 27 October 2020. Works are scheduled to commence on Monday 30 November 2020 and is scheduled to be completed mid-March 2021.




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