Local Government Ordinary Elections 2023

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Download a postal voting application(PDF, 758KB)

The Town of Cambridge has appointed the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) to conduct its 2023 Local Government Ordinary Election in October and will introduce a combination of in-person and postal by application voting options to bring its elections in line with State and Federal elections.

The decision made at today’s Special Meeting of Council supports the administration’s recommendation, which provides more voting options for ratepayers – allowing residents and ratepayers to choose between casting their vote at a nominated voting location or by post.

Postal voting has historically been the only option available for ordinary elections at the Town. In recent years, the security of postal votes has been called into question, following a case of election ballot papers being stolen prior to the 2021 elections at the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. The decision to add in-person voting will provide more choice to Cambridge voters.

“Voters are very familiar with in-person elections as they follow the same format at State and Federal elections. The Town hosted an in-person Extraordinary Election last year,” Mayor Shannon said.

“With the introduction of preference voting this year, it is more important than ever that residents make their vote count. Both integrity and participation are crucial in elections – it is important to find a balance between the two.”

Locals who prefer to vote by post can request that their ballot paper is sent directly to their property prior to the election. Voters can also choose to cast an early vote in-person prior to the day of the election.

“The decision to introduce an in-person vote also creates an opportunity for the community to get together and collectively exercise their democratic right to vote,” Mayor Shannon said.

“I for one am really looking forward to voting in-person in October and taking part in the democratic process. I strongly encourage everyone to get involved and get out and vote. Local governments have a greatest impact on the amenity of residents’ most valuable investment their home and I believe council elections are the cornerstone of Australian democracy.”

The Town of Cambridge will be engaging with the community between now and the election to encourage a high turnout of voters.


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