Ordinary Council Elections

The Town of Cambridge Council is comprised of nine Elected Members - a Mayor and 8 Councillors.   The Town has two Wards, Coast  and Wembley, with each Ward represented by four Elected Members.

Local government elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October.

The Town of Cambridge holds postal elections, which are conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and held under a first past the post voting system, whereby the candidate with the highest number of votes wins. 

The Electoral Officer will consider your claim, decide whether you are eligible and inform you of your enrolment in writing. 


You may be eligible to vote in Council elections if you are an occupier of property within the Town of Cambridge and are enrolled on the state electoral roll as a resident in another electoral district.

This applies to the occupiers of business premises within the Town, with a maximum of two nominees per property.

In order to qualify as an occupier, you must have a continual right of occupation of the premises for at least the next three months.

To make an enrolment eligibility claim as a non residential occupier of property in the Town, fill out the Application for Inclusion on the Owners and Occupiers Roll(PDF, 204KB) form and return it to:

The Electoral Officer 
Town of Cambridge 
PO Box 15
Floreat WA 6014

Removal of address from the roll

The state electoral roll and owner and occupier roll are publicly available for inspection. If you are of the opinion that the publication of your address would place your safety, or the safety of your family, at risk you can apply to have your address removed from the roll.

If you are enrolled on the state electoral roll, you can make a claim under s51B of the Electoral Act 1907. Fill out the Application for Removal of Address from State Electoral Roll(PDF, 123KB) form and send it to:

Electoral Commissioner 
GPO Box 9867 
Perth WA 6848