Applying for Development Approval

Development approval is generally required if you intend to develop or change the use of your land. In most cases, an application for development approval will be required for:

  • residential developments proposing variations to the Planning and Development Regulations 2015, Residential Design Codes or Local Planning Policies;
  • non-residential developments;
  • developments with two or more dwellings;
  • advertising signs;
  • changing the use of a building or premises;
  • home businesses and home occupations;
  • places listed as being of heritage significance; and
  • retaining walls over 500mm high.

How to apply

To apply for development approval you must provide:

  1. A completed Development Approval Application(PDF, 96KB)
  2. A Letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer outlining the proposal and addressing any specific issues (eg. justification for variations to relevant planning standards).
  3. A completed Development Application Checklist(PDF, 250KB)
  4. Certificate of Title including site feature survey (refer checklist).
  5. Payment of the relevant fees. Please note payments for residential applications will not be receipted until the application has been checked to ensure all relevant information has been provided (refer checklist).
  6. Three scaled copies of plans including one set in A3, with accompanying diagrams showing required information (refer checklist).

Before lodging an application

  1. Read the Development Application Lodgement Information(PDF, 81KB)
  2. Complete a Development Approval Application(PDF, 96KB)
  3. Complete the Development Application Checklist(PDF, 250KB)
  4. Refer Planning Fees 

Approval process

Once lodged and receipted, the application will be acknowledged by a letter to the applicant.

The assessment and approval process is explained in our Development Assessment Lodgement Information(PDF, 81KB)

Amended Plans Process

Before lodging an amended plans application:

  1. Read the Development Application Lodgement Information(PDF, 81KB) (amended plans section)
  2. Complete a Development Approval (Amended Plans) Application(PDF, 96KB)
  3. Complete the Development Application Checklist(PDF, 250KB)
  4. Refer Planning Fees (amended plans)

More information

If you have any questions please call our Development Assessment team on (08) 9347 6000.