Railway Parade Signalised Crossing | Northwood Intersection

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The intersection upgrades aim to improve the safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Railway Parade at the Northwood Street intersection by introducing a signalised pedestrian crossing point. The signalised crossing will replace the existing warden crossing, which operates between 7.30am to 9am and 2.30pm to 4pm to accommodate students travelling to Bob Hawke College in Subiaco. The new signalised crossing will improve safety outcomes for all road users at all times.

To implement the new signalised crossing, there is a need to prevent right turns from Northwood Street onto Railway Parade. Vehicles that would have previously turned right at the intersection will reach their destination by turning west at the roundabout on Kimberly Street and Railway Parade. Main Roads WA has committed to fully funding the works associated with the design and installation of the traffic signals.

Example of Signalised Crossing

Example of Pelican Crossing (Signalised Pedestrian Crossing) on Cambridge Street

Progress Updates

The Town has developed this proposal in consultation with the Railway Northwood Reference Group, Bob Hawke College (and its Parents and Community group), and Main Roads WA.

Previous engagement with our community on the West Leederville Activity Centre Plan, Local Planning Strategy, Economic Development Strategy and Bicycle Plan identified that improving the pedestrian and cyclist experience, and accessibility to the West Leederville Station and underpass, will strengthen the local economy and improve access and amenity.

Further, the Town’s Age Friendly Community Plan and Disability Access and Inclusion Plan highlights the need to ensure that improving our streetscapes for people of all abilities is important to our community.

The Town’s Sustainability Strategy also demonstrates that the community is in support of actions that encourage alternative modes of transport, such as walking and cycling, reducing the number of cars on our roads.

Railway Parade Northwood Street Intersection

Current Status

The Town is working with Main Roads WA (MRWA) to deliver a Pelican Crossing (signalised pedestrian crossing) along Railway Pde. Since the initial application to MRWA in 2020, and following the implementation of the Warden crossing in June 2021, MRWA have provided conditional support for a signalised crossing at the existing Warden crossing location. To facilitate the Pelican crossing, the right hand turn from Northwood St onto Railway Pde will need to be omitted.

Next Steps

An online survey will be advertised to the local community to gauge the level of support for the installation of the signalised crossing and subsequent removal of the right turn out of Northwood St onto Railway Pde. An officer’s recommendation report will be presented at the first available Council meeting to present the survey outcomes and consider the next steps for the projects.


Q: How does the existing pedestrian crossing and intersection work?

A: A Type A Warden Crossing has been established across Railway Parade, based on the movement of our local students who are traveling from West Leederville to Bob Hawke College in Subiaco. This crossing is only in operation during school term and during the following hours: 7:30am – 9:15am & 2:30pm - 3:15pm


Q: How will this treatment improve safety?

A: Vehicles exiting Northwood Street onto Railway Pde as a right turn create a hazard for pedestrians crossing Railway Parade. Drivers looking for a break in busy vehicle traffic are less likely to see when pedestrians are crossing or attempting to cross.


Q: How will the changes achieve the project outcomes?

A: The signalised pedestrian crossing will provide a mechanism for all pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross Railway Parade, regardless of the time of day or school holidays.

Main Roads WA (MRWA) is the authority which determines all traffic signals, including these pedestrian crossing signals. MRWA has only granted in- principal support for the installation of Pelican Crossing signals, but on the condition that the Town of Cambridge supports the removal of the right turn out of Northwood Street for vehicles.


Q: Can a signalised crossing be installed without the removal of the right turn for westbound travel along Railway Pde

A: No, discussions with MRWA to signalisation in the Northwood and Railway Streets intersection resulted in significant delays to the network and was not supported.


Q: How can vehicles travel west from Northwood Street?

A: Cambridge Street is still a viable option for westbound travel towards the coast. Equally the use of the Kimberly Street roundabout 200m left from the intersection can be used for a U-Turn.


Q: What is involve for the works?

A: These upgrades will replace the Warden Crossing with a signalised pedestrian crossing. The same type of crossing is currently installed on Cambridge Street, opposite Coles. The works involve:

  •  Alterations to the medians and traffic islands on Northwood to prevent a right turn from Northwood Street into Railway Pde; and
  •  Utilisation of the existing pedestrian refuge installed for the new crossing signals on Railway Parade.

Q: Why is the Town proposing these changes?

A: Works are being undertaken by Development WA to the south of the West Leederville Train Station as part of the Subiaco East Redevelopment which will improve pedestrian and cyclist linkages between Subiaco and West Leederville. However, these improvements are not reflected on the West Leederville side of the station, providing limited benefits to our community.

Current pedestrian and cyclist movement across Railway Parade is anticipated to increase as density increases in the area and enrolments to Bob Hawke College in Subiaco increase to 2,000 by 2025.

The proposed changes are just one aspect of a larger Place Improvement Project for the improvement of the precinct, however the upgrades present an opportunity to make improvements in the short term that can be incorporated into larger precinct plans.


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