Our Heritage

Heritage Places

The Town of Cambridge has a number of heritage places which are significant to the history and character of the local area.

These places may be recognised in one or more of the following:

• Heritage List adopted under Town Planning Scheme No. 1

• Conservation Area or Heritage Area

• Local Heritage Survey

• State Register of Heritage Places 

Further information is available here

If you would like heritage advice for properties within the town please call us on 9347 6000.

 Heritage Trail

Some of the Town's heritage places are captured in a series of interpretive signs erected at 23 sites along the Cambridge Heritage Trail(PDF, 1MB) .

Gain an insight into the town's past by walking the trail as it meanders past sites of historic significance in West Leederville, Wembley, Floreat and City Beach.

Read the plaques along the way to learn about the people, events and places that have helped shape the town of Cambridge.

The original trail which took in 16 signed locations opened on Australia Day 2001 to celebrate the Federation of Australia. In 2015, with the support of the Lions Club of Floreat, the trail was restored and expanded to the current 23 sites.

Download the Cambridge Heritage Trail(PDF, 1MB) brochure or pick up a copy from Cambridge Library or the Town's Administration Centre.

Naming Rights of Way

In 2003 Council agreed to name all of the town's 122 rights of way (ROW) using the surnames of local men and women who were:

  • either born or lived in West Leederville, Wembley, Floreat or City Beach; and
  • enlisted in the armed services during World War I or II.

Further, each ROW would be given the suffix 'Lane'.

Names were collected from:

  • the Cenotaph located next to the Leederville Town Hall;
  • those published in the Christmas 1941 edition of 'The Western Command'; and
  • a search of the World War II nominal roll database from the Department of Veteran's Affairs website.

Landgate approved the town's the Names for Rights of Way(PDF, 135KB) in December 2003.

If you would like to know more about the people who inspired the Rights of Way names, Cambridge Library have a Town-produced publication: “Dunny Runs, Heroes and Heroines: historical laneways of West Leederville and Wembley.”

This may be borrowed from the Library or purchased for $27.50. 

Other publications available for purchase or loan include "Wembley, its people and its past: an oral history compilation" and "From Limestone and Sandhills: the story of the development of City Beach and Floreat".

To browse and research more about Town of Cambridge Heritage, visit the Local Studies section of Cambridge Library online or at 99 The Boulevard, Floreat.