Rutter Park | Mindfulness Exercise Node

  • Project typePark Renewal
  • Project scheduleConsultation and Design: November 2023 to June 2024

The Rutter Park Mindfulness Exercise Node project is dedicated to promoting the wellbeing and vitality of our local community. The Town is planning to create a unique space that combines exercise equipment and a labyrinth for mindfulness.

Rutter Park Wembley has ideal central location, accessibility, proximity to the community centre and other park amenity (i.e. shade, furniture etc), as well as existing play facilities for intergenerational activity.

State-of-the-art exercise equipment designed for senior fitness and rehabilitation will be proposed. These items focus on improving balance, mobility, core strength and motor skills. Similar installation is pictured adjacent.

A labyrinth is a geometric pattern consisting of a winding path that leads to a central point. It is designed to be walked and often used for contemplation, meditation, and mindful exercise. The Rutter Park labyrinth will be accessed by existing pathways and construction can be textured concrete with paths shown by coloured oxide treatment or acrylic paint.

Progress Updates

Project consultation commenced on 12 December 2023 at the Wembley Community Centre with a presentation, site walk and feedback workshop with members of the Towns Seniors community. Feedback received demonstrated a strong level of support for both the proposed exercise equipment and the labyrinth. The location preferred by workshop participants was in the north-west corner of the park, however alternative locations include the north-east and south-west corner.

The second phase of consultation was to generate feedback from the wider community. The Town prepared a Preliminary Concept Plan and ran a survey from mid-March to early April. The plan was displayed on the Towns website and promoted through park signage and a letter to surrounding residences. The survey received a total of 23 responses, summarised below:

  • Over 85% supported the concept of a mindfulness exercise node at Rutter Park
  • Over 90% supported the proposed low-impact exercise equipment
  • Over 80% supported the proposed labyrinth
  • With regards to location;
    • 57% preferred the proposed location
    • 13% preferred alternative location A
    • 17% preferred alternative location B
    • 13% did not advise a preferred location

The Final Concept has been revised to include these outcomes, it is available HERE(PDF, 2MB).

Responses to the free comment question included suggestions and concerns about native plants, tree protection, maintenance of the equipment, construction of the labyrinth and park security. These items will be addressed in the detailed design phase of the project, which will commence once funding has been approved. Further consultation on this phase will be undertaken with those who nominated to be included in the consultation group.


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