Ratepayer Associations

The Town of Cambridge is home to four ratepayer/resident associations.  Become an active member of your community by joining your local association.

Cambridge Residents' Association (Inc)
President  Ms Elizabeth Eaton

17 Lifford Road
Floreat WA 6014

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Phone  0400 873 466 
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Coast Ward Ratepayers' Association (Inc) 
President Mr Rob Walker 
Secretary Ms Catherine Wilkinson 

14 Palana Road
City Beach WA 6015

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Phone  0410 144 211 

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Wembley West Leederville Residents' Association (Inc) 

Russell Brown

 Phone 0411 118 749
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 Secretary Mrs Pamela Van Der Meulen 

21 Jukes Way
Wembley 6014

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Phone   0423 694 754 
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West Leederville Residents' Association (Inc)
President  Mr Henry Stawarz 
 Vice Chairperson & Secretary Andrew Thomson 

9 Coldstream Street
West Leederville WA 6007

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Phone  0412 068 265
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