A vehicle crossing, or crossover, is the section of driveway that crosses the verge from the road edge to the property boundary.

The property owner is responsible for constructing new and repairing an existing crossover to their property.

Council Contribution to Crossover Costs

The Town will subsidise the cost of the first standard sized crossover to a property, when constructed in accordance with our Vehicle Crossover Specifications(PDF, 2MB) .

A subsidy towards the cost of replacing an existing crossover is subject to the Town agreeing the crossover needs replacing. 

New Crossover Process

The following process will ensure the crossover to your property is constructed in line with specifications, and you qualify for a subsidy.

  1. Submit a Crossover Application(PDF, 115KB) with the prescribed fee to
  2. An officer from the Town will inspect the site and provide you a specification for the construction of the new crossover.
  3. Advise the Town when the crossover is complete.


What is a Crossover?
A crossover is the portion of driveway which crosses from the road to the private property line.

Do I need approval to construct a crossover?
Yes, you must obtain Town approval before you construct a crossover to your property.

Who is responsible for maintaining the crossover?
The property owner is responsible for maintaining the crossover to their property.

Will the Town relocate services, such as a hydrant or telecommunications box, that are in the way of the proposed crossover?
No. The property owner is responsible for liaising with the owner of the asset (eg. Western Power, Telstra, etc) to discuss service relocation, and is responsible for all relocation costs.

Will the Town remove a street tree that is in the way of the proposed crossover?
A street tree will only be removed to accommodate a crossover if there is not other option.

There is a footpath cutting through my crossover.  Can I remove the section of footpath that will form part of the crossover?
Yes, however the footpath levels must not be changed.

I'm changing the location of the crossover to my property. Can I keep the existing one?
No, all redundant crossovers must be removed and the kerb reinstated.All crossovers must connect to a driveway or internal parking area.

Will the Town contribute to the cost of a crossover?
Yes, the Town offers a subsidy to residential property owners who are looking to construct a new crossover or upgrade an old bitumen crossover to brick paving or concrete.

I have a planning approval and a building permit.  Do I need to submit a Crossover Application as well?
Yes, the crossover application is a separate process often overlooked during building construction.  Applying early can resolve many issues before building completion.

How wide can a crossover be?
Depending on where you live in the Town, the maximum crossover width is:

  • East of Selby Street - 4.5m (includes splays)
  • West of Selby Street - 6m (splays are permitted if needed)

New estates, such as Ocean Mia, Perry Lakes, St Johns Wood and Parkside Walk may have different crossover requirements. If building in these areas please contact us on (08) 9347 6000 to discuss your crossover needs.

Are there situations where I won't be paid the subsidy?
Yes, no subsidy will be paid if:

  • the crossover is being changed for purely aesthetic reasons (eg. from concrete to exposed aggregate, brick paving to concrete, etc)
  • the crossover does not comply with the Town's specification or conditions of approval.

How will I receive the subsidy? 
The subsidy will be paid by cheque, posted to the preferred address of the property owner.