Design Review Panel

Expressions of Interest

The Town of Cambridge is seeking nominations and expressions of interest from professionals qualified in and not limited to, architecturelandscape architectureurban design and town planning to join the Town’s Design Review Panel. The Town’s Design Review Panel provides independent and expert advice to Council, the Town, and to proponents based on the design of development proposals, applications and other planning matters.


For further information or enquires, contact the Strategic Planning Officer via at (08) 9347 6000 or

Design Review Panel

The Town of Cambridge Design Review Panel (DRP) is responsible for providing independent advice to the Council and applicants on the architectural quality of new developments in the Town.

The DRP reviews proposals and provides advice on ten design principles specified in Local Planning Policy 1.3: Design Review Panel(PDF, 159KB).

Design review offers applicants the chance to seek technical feedback and resolve complex issues to achieve the best possible design outcome.

Applicants are encouraged to seek DRP advice before lodging a Development Application for approval.

The DRP performs an advisory function only. Although the DRP does not have decision-making powers, its advice will be taken into consideration in the planning assessment and conveyed to the decision-makers once a formal Development Application is lodged.

Design Review Panel Members

DRP members are appointed by Council in accordance with Clause 66A of the Town of Cambridge Local Planning Scheme No. 1 and Local Planning Policy 1.3: Design Review Panel.

The current Design Review Panel consists of the following members:

Primary Members Deputy Members 
Stephen Carrick Andrew Howe
Joe Chindarsi Philip Griffiths
Malcolm Mackay Jackson Liew
Peter Hobbs Gordana Nesic-Simic
  Robin Burnage

Design Review Panel Meetings

Applicants are encouraged to attend DRP meetings, prior to formally submitting a development application, to present their proposal and receive feedback from the panel members. 

The Town holds DRP meetings when required. The Town will schedule a DRP meeting 15-20 working days from the date a proposal and the required information is received.    

Proponents are encouraged to contact the Town about the requisite information, prior to submitting a proposal for DRP review.

In addition to the information required prior to a DRP meeting being scheduled, proponent presentations are required to be submitted to the Town three working days before the meeting.

Which developments are referred to the DRP?

  • Any proposal that includes the construction of a building that is 3 storeys or greater in height (above natural ground level), excluding single residential dwellings;
  • Any proposals of ten or more grouped dwellings;
  • All proposals with a multiple dwelling component;
  • Proposal for non-residential development abutting Residential zoned land, which, in the opinion of the Town, is likely to have a significant impact on the adjoining properties, surrounding area, or the locality;
  • Any proposals that meet the mandatory requirement to be determined by the Joint Development Assessment Panel;
  • Any proposals for public works of regional significance;
  • Any other proposal, planning matter, or project, which in the opinion of the Town, the Town would benefit from obtaining the DRP's comments, including, but not limited to:
    • Studies relating to special areas or precincts;
    • Proposed Local Planning Policies or Policies that have planning implications, as appropriate;
    • Planning strategies or principles newly proposed or under review, as appropriate;
    • Proposed Local Development Plans, as appropriate;
    • Proposed amendments to the Local Planning Scheme, as appropriate; and
    • Any other matters related to the design of buildings.

The Design Review Process

  1. Read Local Planning Policy 1.3: Design Review Panel(PDF, 159KB) for an overview of the process and application requirements.
  2. If you are unsure whether your development needs review by the DRP contact the Town on (08) 9347 6000, or by
  3. Provide the relevant documents to the Town 15 working days in advance of the meeting date.
  4. Development reviewed by DRP and feedback provided to applicant.