Report It/Request It

Got something to report or would like to request something? Use our online Report It form to tell us about issues you have seen in your neighbourhood or local area.
Reports made via the Report It form will be attended to on the next business day (Monday to Friday):

Report It/Request It online here

  • For non-urgent Police matters, call 131 444
  • In a life threatening emergency, call triple zero (000)
  • For SES assistance, call 132 500
Faulty street light?

Repairing faulty street lights is a job for Western Power.  If you notice a street light not working as it should (for example it's not coming on at night or it's staying on during the day), please let Western Power know via its online reporting system:

Report a faulty streetlight | Western Power

Bin issue?

Do you have a damaged bin or need to change your bin size? You can ask for all of your bin requests on the bin request form:

Bin Request Form

Missed Bin Collection Form

Looking to appeal a parking infringement?

Appeal a Parking Infringement