Register your Pet Online

Residents can register their pets from the comfort of their own home with the Town's online registration form. 

Register your Animal Online

Register in 3 easy steps:


Step 1 - Complete the New Animal Registration form online 

Step 2 - A Ranger Administration Officer will process your application and then contact you to arrange payment.

Note: Your animal registration is not approved until this occurs.

Step 3 - Once payment has been made, you will receive a registration tag in the mail confirming registration.

Registrations always expire on 31 October.

Having trouble registering online?

Contact Ranger Services via 9347 6000 or

You can also download the registration form for your relevant pet from the Pets & Animals webpage. 

The Benefits of Animal Registration

  • Allows Rangers to return pets quickly if they are lost
  • Identifies service and infrastructure demands in the community
  • Reduces the number of impounded and abandoned pets

Transfer your Pet

Are you leaving Cambridge to move to another Council? Or moving into Cambridge from another Council?

Complete a Transfer an Animal form to let us know.

This form makes it easy to transfer your pet registration between Councils.

Deceased Pet

In the unfortunate event that your pet becomes deceased, let us know by completing a Deceased Animal form. 

More information

Visit the Dog Registration webpage to find out more about registering your dog.

Visit the Cats webpage to find out more about registering your cat.