Litter and Camping


The Town of Cambridge Rangers work tirelessly to ensure the Town is tidy and free of litter. Penalties exist for breaches of the Litter Act and Local Laws.

The Town has officers who are authorised to enforce the Litter Act 1979 which states:

Littering, offence

                        Any person who deposits litter, or causes litter to be deposited, on any land or on or into any waters commits an offence unless the litter is deposited —

            (a)        on private land by consent; or

            (b)        in an appointed area; or

            (c)        in a place or receptacle set aside or provided for that purpose; or

            (d)        on land adjacent to private land by arrangement with, or at the invitation of, a public authority with a view to the litter being collected and removed by the public authority.


            (a)        for an individual, a fine of $5 000;

            (b)        for a body corporate, a fine of $10 000.


The Town offers a Verge Valet verge collection service in addition to regular waste and recycling collections to assist with proper disposal of all unwanted rubbish.

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You can help maintain our beautiful town simply by following these guidelines:

  • Always place litter / rubbish in an appropriate receptacle.
  • Public Bins are not for Domestic or Commercial rubbish.
  • Bulk Rubbish can only be placed on your own verge. It is an offence to place bulk rubbish on to someone else's private property or public property areas including reserves and any other crown land.
  • Always use correct bins and do not mix your waste and recycling.
  • Return shopping trolleys to the shop you borrowed it from.
  • Always keep your building sites tidy and ensure any mess does not spill onto adjoining lands.
  • Signage and advertising can only be displayed if a permit is granted and it adheres to all guidelines outlined in the towns Advertising Sign Policy.
  • Bill Posting is never allowed and penalties will apply to any persons found to be engaging in this activity without permission.



The Town has many fantastic attractions and invites both residents and visitors to enjoy them. We only ask that visitors ensure they take all rubbish away with them or dispose of it in the appropriate bins provided.

Camping is not allowed in any public areas within the Town of Cambridge. Penalties do apply for those who are found to be camping at any of our facilities or on any crown land.