Food Allergy Training


Free Allergy Aware Food Safety Training – Food Businesses

Training is required to ensure food business staff are aware of the responsibilities of the food business regarding allergen declarations. It is advisable to provide training for all staff by considering:

  • what a member of staff should do when a customer asks for a meal that does not contain a particular food – training sheets that detail guidelines of what a member of staff should do are also useful;
  • that staff understand that it is critical to listen to customers;
  • where staff are unsure whether a meal contains particular food allergen, ensure they know that it is safer to tell a customer that they do not know if the meal contains that food allergen and never assume or guess; and,
  • if low literacy skills or communication are an issue for your staff, ensure adequate verbal training (or non-verbal alternatives) and supervision are provided so that staff understand their responsibilities.

Food Allergy Aware offers free online training courses developed to help everyone working in food service, from the manager through to the food preparation and food service staff. The training will help staff to be aware of the critical risks food allergy poses, help identify and manage food allergens, and provide help on how to respond to enquiries from customers with food allergy. Training is available for:

  • general food service;
  • hospitals and healthcare;
  • camps;
  • children's education and care food services; and,
  • schools.

For more information, view the WA Health website.