Public Registers

The Local Government Act 1995 requires the Town of Cambridge Gift Register and Contributions to Travel Register be published on the Town's website.  These registers can also be viewed during business hours at:

Town of Cambridge Administration Centre
1 Bold Park Drive
Floreat  WA  6014

Council, at its October 2016 meeting also decided to publish online:

  • all registers available for public inspection at the Town's offices;
  • registers required to be disclosed in the Annual Report;
  • the Register of Election Gifts;
  • Council member sitting fees, allowances, meeting attendances, and fees obtained from Town appointed roles; and
  • Senior staff remuneration.


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The Town of Cambridge Gift Register will be updated in accordance with the following:

Gifts for Elected Members

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of Tuesday, 19 December 2017, Council resolved as follows:


(i) the Town’s Elected Members agree to abide by a policy to not accept gifts given to them in their capacity as Elected Members, excluding where an Elected Member is required to attend an event in a representative capacity on behalf of the Town. In this circumstance, the cost of the event or the cost of the meal or refreshments provided, shall be declared in accordance with the Local Government Act and Regulations;

(ii) the CEO publish a note on the Town’s website with the Gift Register that state the Town’s Elected Members do not accept gifts given in the service of their public duties.

 Gifts for Employees

On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, the Chief Executive Officer, John Giorgi, JP, determined that employees are no longer to accept any gifts or hospitality of any kind as part of their employment with the Town. 

Ordinary meetings of Council are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month from February to December.



Elected member attendance at Ordinary and Special Council meetings

Meetings entitled to attend October

Meetings attended
October 2019/2021


Leave of

Mayor K Shannon





Cr K Barlow

21 21


Cr R Bradley 21 21


Cr I Everett 21 21  
Cr A Haddon-Casey  21 20 1  
Deputy Mayor Cr K McKerracher 21 20 1


 Cr G Mack 21 17 3  1
Cr J Nelson (until his resignation effective 8 July 2020) 13 13


Cr A Timmermanis 21 21  


Elected Member Meetings Fees and Allowances As at 30 June 2019
$ per annum / per elected member
Mayor- Meeting Attendance Fee


Elected Member- Meeting Attendance Fee - including Deputy Mayor


Mayor- Local Government Allowance


Deputy Mayor - Local Government Allowance


Telecommunication Allowance - all Elected Members


Other meeting attendance fees

Elected members receive fees for attending some meetings on behalf of the Town of Cambridge. 

Mindarie Regional Council
The Town is represented by Mayor Keri Shannon
The 2017/2018 annual member allowance is $10,500 and $1,000 for technology expenses.

Tamala Park Regional Council
The Town is represented by Cr Andres Timmermanis
The 2017/2018 annual member allowance is $10,455.

Metro West Joint Development Assessment Panel
The Town is represented by Deputy Mayor Cr Rod Bradley and Andres Timmermanis
Cr Ian Everett is the alternate Member, meaning he attends meetings when a regular Member is not available.
Allowances to Development Assessment Panel Members are prescribed in the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011 - Schedule 2.   A number of fees are specified in Schedule 2, however regular Meeting Fees for Members are $400 per meeting.

Employees who earned a cash salary of $100,000 or more as at 30 June 2020.

Salary is cash component only and does not include superannuation, car allowances or any other form of allowance or payment made to employees as part of their remuneration. 

Salary range

No. employees
$100,000 - $109,999


$110,000 - $119,999


$120,000 - $129,999


$130,000 - $139,999


$140,000 - $149,999


$160,000 - $169,999


$170,000 - $179,999


$180,000 - $189,999


$220,000 - $229,999


 $240,000 - $249,999  0
 $250,000 - $259,999  1
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