1. Overview

A verge is the strip of land between the road and the boundary of a property. It provides a safe pedestrian space and vehicle access to the property.  A verge also accommodates public utilities such as street lighting and power, and underground services like water, sewerage and phone cables.

2. Verge Maintenance & Weed Control FAQs

Maintenance of the verge lawn and garden is the responsibility of the household of the adjoining property. Residents are encouraged to look after their verges, however the Town is responsible for all street trees on verges.

The Town strongly encourages waterwise verge gardens.

The Town undertakes weed spraying of footpaths and verges with herbicide twice annually. For information on this program please download the FAQs:

Weed Control FAQs(PDF, 425KB)

Glyphosate Information(PDF, 159KB)

Herbicide Exemption Application

3. Verge Policy and Guidelines

Under Town of Cambridge Policy 107 Verge Landscaping Maintenance and Cleaning you do not need approval for:

  • a low growing waterwise garden
  • reticulation
  • verges mulched with organic mulch
  • lawn

You do need approval for:

  • paving or other hardstand, such as brick or concrete paving

Approval is needed before starting work.

Apply for Verge Development Approval(PDF, 197KB)

The Town of Cambridge Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance Guidelines(PDF, 300KB) provide information on permitted and non-permitted landscaping, design guidelines and maintenance requirements.

4. Non-permitted Verge Treatments

Verge treatments not permitted:

  • Inorganic mulches such as gravel, stone or crushed brick or rock
  • Objects that protrude above the natural level of the ground such as rocks, bricks or garden stakes
  • Plants taller than 750mm
  • Plants with sharp leaves, branches or prickles
  • Any type of artificial grass

5. New Estate Landscaping  

The Landscaping Maintenance for New Estates Guidelines(PDF, 594KB) apply to verge landscaping in new residential estates:

  • during building construction
  • reinstatement after building works
  • maintenance once the new building is occupied

The guidelines apply to new housing estates such as Perry Lakes, Ocean Mia, St Johns Wood and Parkside Walk.

6. A Native Waterwise Verge Garden

Residents are encouraged to consider using local native plantings when developing their verge.  Benefits of a water wise verge, using local native plants include:

  • An interesting and attractive entrance to your property
  • Greening your street
  • Reduced garden maintenance
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Creating a habitat for insects and small lizards
  • Contribute to biodiversity corridors supporting local birds and animals 

Head to the Water Corporation website and find out what waterwise plants are suitable for your garden.

7. Local Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

To encourage local native plantings on the verge and in your garden, each May Town of Cambridge residents can buy up to 80 local native seedlings at a subsidised price.

The Scheme is advertised each year in our What's On section.

 Where to get native garden advice
Apace Nursery

1 Johannah Street
North Fremantle

Phone: (08) 9336 1262

Visit the website

Lullfitz Nursery

Cnr Caporn Street & Honey Road

Phone: (08) 9405 1607

Visit the website

Carramar Coastal Nursery

1834 Mandurah Road
Port Kennedy

8. Skip bins on the verge

You can leave a skip bin on your verge for up to two weeks without a permit.  If skip bin will be on the verge for longer than two weeks you need to apply for a Verge Permit.

Apply for a Verge Permit online

Or download and complete a Verge Permit(PDF, 122KB) form.

Rules for storing Skip Bins
  1. Where possible, skip bins should be stored on private property.
  2. If safe to do so, a skip bin can be stored on the verge immediately adjacent the property.
  3. Skip bin storage must comply with signed parking restrictions, and be clear of the footpath and roadway.
  4. Skip bins must not be placed on the roadway, across a footpath, in parking bays or in rear lanes.  If a skip bin is stored on a road, footpath or in a lane the supplier/hirer will be given 24 hours to remove it.  If not, the Town may remove the bin and a penalty may apply.
  5. The hirer is liable for any damage to the footpath, street trees, drainage pits, verge, kerb or road surface resulting from storage of the skip bin.
  6. The hirer is responsible for removal all debris left on the verge after the skip bin has been removed.
  7. Dangerous or hazardous waste must not be deposited in a skip bin.
  8. Asbestos must not be deposited in a skip bin, and must be handled in accordance with Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992.

9. Building materials on the verge

You need a verge permit before you:

  • use the verge for temporary storage of building material
  • excavate adjacent to a street or verge
  • install a gantry or scaffold on a verge

Apply for a Verge Permit online 

Or download and complete a Verge Permit(PDF, 122KB) form. 

Include with your application
  • Completed Verge Permit Application
  • Two A3 size copies of the building site plan (scale 1:100 or 1:200), indicating verge area to be used for storage and/or excavation;
  • Proposed location of security fencing, building materials (ie. bricks, sand, timber and steel etc) and refuse bin; and
  • Length of time the verge will be used for storage.
Things to consider
  • Only bins that fully contain refuse (and prevent refuse from blowing away) are acceptable.
  • Gantries, hoarding, scaffolding or any construction on a verge requires a general application approval for a Building Licence.
  • Street trees must be protected at all times.
  • Footpaths must not be obstructed and must be maintained in good condition, free of building material and rubble. In some circumstances and subject to Town approval, the footpath may be temporarily relocated provided a 1.5 metre wide pedestrian access is maintained. Footpaths must be shown on associated plans.
  • Site storage sheds/buildings and site toilets are not permitted on verges.
  • Separate applications are needed for driveway crossover and verge treatment approvals.
 Store materials on a verge (residential) $5.50/m2 per month 
 Store materials on a verge (commercial or non-residential) $5.50/m2 per week 
Gantry application  $0.75/m per week 
Hoarding, fencing or street enclosure application  $0.75/m per week