Fishing is one of many popular aquatic recreational activities enjoyed along the City Beach and Floreat Beach foreshore.

To ensure that all our beach lovers get to enjoy our beautiful coastline the Town of Cambridge has allocated areas where fishing can be enjoyed safely and harmoniously with other visitors.

As fishing is conducted in a shared space with other beach users, please adhere to the following restrictions and local laws to make the beachfront pleasant and safe or all and to avoid on the spot fines:

Areas Fishing is Not Permitted

  • No Fishing in between the City Beach and Floreat groynes which is a designated swimming area.
  • No fishing in a designated bathing area that is marked by Surf Life Saving Australia Lifeguards (between the flags).
Fishing Locations

City Beach

  • No fishing within the area 50 metres south of the City Beach groyne between 5am-7pm.
  • No fishing on City Beach groyne between 5am - 7pm.

Floreat Beach

  • No fishing from Floreat Beach groyne between 6am - 7pm.
  • No fishing within the area 50 metres north of the Floreat Beach groyne between 6am-7pm.
 Fishing Restrictions
  • You must not clean fish or cut bait on the beach.
  • You must not deposit fish offal or bait on land or in the sea within 200m of any part of the beach.
  • You must not use berley, oil or composite material.
  • Without approval, you must not fish for sharks by use of set or buoyed lines or use blood, offal or any other lure for the purpose of attracting sharks within 200m of any part of a beach.

Please ensure you check the signage at each beachfront entrance to make sure you are in the allocated fishing areas.

Commercial fishing businesses are prohibited unless a permit has been granted by the Town.

Please remember that penalties may apply to any persons not abiding by the above rules.

Help us keep our beaches safe for everyone. 

Visit our Drones webpage to find out about fishing with drones.

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