Bin Requests & Reports

All residential properties in the Town are provided with a 120L general waste bin (red lid) and 240L recycling bin (yellow lid) as a standard service.

If the standard service does not meet the needs of your family there are options available to you to vary your bins to match your requirements.

Missed, delayed or incomplete empties can be reported to VEOLIA Customer Service on 1300 761 908 and a return collection should be completed within five working days of your report.

Bin repairs and alterations will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays as per the Town's maintenance contract with VEOLIA.

If you report a damaged bin, you may receive a secondhand, but still serviceable, bin in return.

Bin Requests / Reports

Missed Bin Collection

  • 120L waste $139
  • 240L waste $613
  • 240L GO Garden Organics $77
  • Additional GO Garden Organics $100 each (up to two extra per property)
  • Upgrade 120L waste to 240L waste $99
  • Requests for a second or missed waste collection (noted after 48 hours) can incur a fee of $85
  • Additional bin charges are levied on non-rateable properties that receive a rubbish collection, and properties that have more than one rubbish type service (i.e. multiple bins).
  • Non-rateable, commercial and club waste and recycling fees are chargeable.

Recycling and Green Waste

If you want to vary your standard service to recycle more, or add a green waste bin, use our online form to:

  • Replace your 240L recycling bin with a 360L recycling bin (no extra charge)
  • Request an additional recycling bin of the same size (up to 2 free to residents)
  • Request a 240L green waste bin (for an annual fee of $77 for first bin. Additional Green Waste Bins $100 annual fee each)
  • Request to downgrade your general waste (cost saving) or recycling bin size

Note: Residents are permitted to have up to 2 x 240L/360L recycling bins at no charge and up to 3 x 240L green waste bins (charges listed above).

As costs are incurred, green waste bin additions must be authorised by the owner or their agent.

Request a Bin Variation

General Waste

120L general waste bin charges are $139 per year. 

You can replace your 120L general waste bin with a 240L general waste bin for an annual fee of $613.

You will incur a delivery fee of $99.

As costs are incurred, general waste bin upgrades must be authorised by the owner or their agent. 

If you would like to make a change to your standard general waste service, please use the form below.

Request a Bin Variation

Request bins for your new build

Request general waste, recycling, and green waste bins for your new build using the form below.

New Build Bin Request

Bin not emptied / missed services?

Missed, delayed or incomplete empties can be reported to SUEZ Customer Service on 1300 761 908 a return collection should be completed within five business days of your report.

Services can be delayed or missed, or bins not completely emptied for a great many reasons including:

  • Truck has attended but contents of bins wedged tightly and bin contents do not fall away cleanly when the arms compress the sides of the bin (loosen contents and advise Cambridge Customer Service on 1300 761 908)
  • Bins overweight (check if the bins has been stickered and follow instructions)
  • Bins contaminated and requiring attention to clear contamination (check if the bins has been stickered and follow instructions; refer to Recyclables Accepted in the Town of Cambridge(PDF, 140KB))
  • Bins not presented in time for collection (by 6am on day of collection – place out the evening before to ensure collection)
  • Bins placed out on the wrong days (for residents with street-side collections - check Find My Bin Day; for residents with laneway collections please call the Council for confirmation on bin days)
  • Access issues from road or laneway (e.g. roadworks, crane blocking access)
  • Operational issues (e.g. truck breakdowns)
  • Bins inaccessible (e.g. cars parked blocking safe access to bins, waste dumped in multi unit dwelling bin rooms blocking safe access to bins)


  • Our waste and recycling trucks operate until 4pm weekdays – please allow time for them to make their rounds
  • Routes are subject to change without notification, and therefore your collection time may vary
  • Ensure your bins are out the evening before to guarantee they are ready for collection when the truck arrives
  • Residents can check whether trucks are still operating in their area by calling Cambridge Customer Service on 1300 761 908
  • Missed, delayed or incomplete empties can be reported Cambridge Customer Service on 1300 761 908
  • You may be charged an additional fee of $85 per missed service

Missed Collection Report

Damaged or Missing Bins

If any of your bins has been damaged or missing, use our online form below to report it.

If you report a damaged bin you may receive a secondhand but still serviceable bin in return.

Email if further information is required.

Bin Reports