Citizenship FAQs

How do I apply for Australian citizenship?

You can apply online at the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website or visit its customer service centre:

Wellington Centre
836 Wellington Street
West Perth 6005

Phone 131 880

When are citizenship ceremonies held?

The Town of Cambridge conducts four citizenship ceremonies each year.

How can I find out when my citizenship ceremony will be?

We are unable to provide you with a ceremony date until we receive advice from the DHA that your application for citizenship has been approved.

Once your approval for citizenship has been received, we will invite you to the next available ceremony.

The Town conducts four citizenship ceremonies a year and invitations are sent out around four weeks before a ceremony.

Should you require further information, you must contact the Department of Home Affairs on as we are unable to advise you.

Do I need to attend a ceremony to receive my certificate?

Yes - you must attend a citizenship ceremony where you make your citizenship pledge to validate your citizenship and receive your certificate.

What happens if I'm not able to attend the citizenship ceremony I've been invited to?

If you're not available to attend the ceremony you are invited to please notify us immediately and we will postpone your citizenship ceremony to the next available date.

NOTE: It is important you attend a ceremony and make the citizenship pledge within 12 months of your citizenship approval. After that, your approval may be cancelled.

Can I arrange a ceremony earlier than the next scheduled citizenship ceremony?

The DHA strongly encourages candidates to attend public ceremonies; however, in genuinely urgent and compelling circumstances, may agree to an urgent citizenship ceremony.

If you believe your circumstances warrant an urgent ceremony, please contact the DIBP:

Wellington Centre
836 Wellington Street
West Perth 6005

Phone 131 880

How long does the citizenship ceremony take?

The ceremony takes about one hour and is followed by an informal gathering with complimentary light refreshments for the new citizens and their guests.

Do I need to bring anything to the ceremony?


For new citizens 16 years and older, please bring some form of original identification with photograph or provide 100 points of original identification for the purpose of registration and electoral enrolment for Federal, State and Local Government elections in Western Australia. 

Forms of original identification that are acceptable include: 

  • Current Australian driver's licence;
  • Concession card from Centrelink (must be current);
  • Credit or bank account card (must be current);
  • Employee identification card (must be current with a photograph and signature);
  • Marriage certificate (must be registered in Australia);
  • Medicare card; and,
  • Student identification card (must be current with a photograph).

Should you not produce the correct identification at the ceremony on the night, unfortunately this will result in you not receiving your citizenship, as this is a legal requirement.

Am I allowed to brings guests to the ceremony?

Yes. You are most welcome to invite family and/or friends to witness this important occasion. Please note, we allow for two guests per adult applicant. 

For seating and catering purposes, at the time of confirming your attendance, please advise of the number of family members and/or friends planning to attend. 

What should I wear?

The dress code is smart casual.

Can I take photographs?

Yes. You are welcome to take photographs throughout the ceremony. A complimentary official photograph will be taken as you receive your certificate, and will be sent to you within two weeks of the ceremony.

Do children have to attend a citizenship ceremony?

Children aged 16 years and over are legally required to attend a ceremony and make the citizenship pledge to become on Australian citizen. Children under the age of 16 are not legally required to make the citizenship pledge, however they are welcome to attend with their parents or guardian and make the citizenship pledge where possible.

I have lost my citizenship certificate. What should I do?

If you lose your citizenship certificate please contact the DHA on 131 880 to arrange a replacement.

When can I apply for an Australian passport?

You can apply for an Australian passport once you have attended a citizenship ceremony and received your certificate. The original certificate if needed when applying for the passport.

For more information, call the Australian Passport Office on 131 232.