Sustainable Verge Garden Awards

Sustainable Verge.jpg

The Town of Cambridge encourages sustainable and Waterwise verges which are clean, neat and contribute to the greening of Town streetscapes.  

The annual Sustainable Verge Garden Awards recognise residents who upgrade and maintain their verges with Waterwise landscaping.

Verges can be:

a. Designed to incorporate local native species which increase local plant diversity and provide food and habitat for local native animals; or
b. Designed to use low water demand plants which increase the streetscape appeal of the local area. 

Entries closed Friday, 1 September 2023.  Registrations are closed and winners will be announced in due course.

Award Categories

There are two award categories: 

  • Best Sustainable Verge Presentation
  • Best Sustainable Verge Transformation

Prizes will be awarded in both award categories, for first, second and third place.  

1st prize: $500
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200


Judging is expected to take place in early September.


Residents are encouraged to either self-nominate or nominate another property within the Town.

Nominations include a 25 words or less submission and photograph of the nominated verge garden. 

Award winners will be notified by the Town in September and awards will be presented by a Town representative in October when gardens are in full bloom for spring.