Bus Shelter Replacement Programme

  • Project schedule2024

The Town’s bus shelter replacement programme allows for the installation of two to three bus shelters for each financial year. This is achieved through a programme administered by the Public Transport Authority (PTA), which provides the subsidy of up to 50 per cent for the shelters.

The Town has the responsibility to identify bus stops, which are eligible for upgrade and make recommendations to PTA, under the Bus Shelter Subsidy Programme (BSSP). PTA manage the scheduling and construction phase for these bus stop replacements.

Project Updates

In the 2023/24 financial year, three bus stops qualify for upgrade under the programme. The bus stop locations are:

  1. Cambridge St, stop numbers 12775 - (St John of God Hospital)
  2. Cambridge St, stop number 12771 - (after Holland Street)  
  3. Lissadell St, stop number 17445 - (before Cambridge Street).

The Town proposes to remove the bus shelter at stop number 19383, located on Templetonia Crescent in City Beach. PTA statistics show that the boardings at this stop are only four per day. This shelter does not meet the replacement threshold of 15 or more boardings per day under the PTA Bus shelter replacement programme and is at the end of its service life.

Current Status

Works to replace the three eligible bus shelters are underway (as at 19 February 2024).

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