Spotlight on a Volunteer: Maria Longo

Published on 28 May 2024


Maria is spotlighted this month for her volunteering work with Cambridge Senior Services.

Her journey into volunteering reflects a simple desire to maintain the meaningful connections that had fueled her work during her years as a hairdresser, and a desire to give back to the Town. Maria has been a resident for four decades and has a deep love of the area.

Upon retiring, Maria was drawn to Cambridge Senior Services, having heard about it from her clients over the years. Maria states that she watched the construction of the Wembley Community Centre (formally Joan Watters Community Centre) and promised herself that she would get involved in their activities after retirement.

Driven by her innate compassion, and aspiration to support others, in particular seniors; Maria quickly became a familiar face and a regular volunteer at the centre, attending the monthly Outings and Presentations, as well as the Seniors Coffee Club.

Maria is driven by core values of compassion and empathy, and finds fulfillment in the companionship of her volunteering.  Whether it is engaging in friendly conversations, taking leisurely strolls, or offering assistance to those with mobility challenges, Maria is fully invested in the moments she spends with Cambridge Senior Services.

The most rewarding aspect of Maria’s volunteering journey has been the genuine connections she builds with the regulars at Cambridge Senior Services, and the joy they express when they see her arrive. These interactions, whether during Coffee Club meetings or casual conversations, bring a sense of acceptance and value to her days, reminiscent of her time at her salon.

Looking forward, Maria’s aspirations for her volunteering with Cambridge Senior Services are simple yet heartfelt; to continue volunteering with passion and dedication for as long as she can. 

Maria recommends that others embrace the opportunity to volunteer and her message to those considering volunteering echoes her own journey; “dive in wholeheartedly and approach each opportunity with kindness and enthusiasm”. 

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