Recycling programs

1. Overview

A number of recycling programs are run throughout the year, making it quick and easy to get rid of your pre-loved items.

The Town of Cambridge is still recycling and was not affected by the recent Cleanaway fire.

We also have recycling stations, conveniently located at Town of Cambridge facilities, where you can drop-off: 

  • household lights;
  • fluorescent tubes;
  • printer cartridges;
  • mobile phones; and
  • batteries

Find your nearest recycling centre


2. Electronic waste (eWaste)

Declutter your house and protect our environment.

Twice yearly free eWaste drop-off days are held, where you can drop off your eWaste at the Town of Cambridge Administration car park located at 1 Bold Park Drive in Floreat.

The next eWaste drop-off day will be announced in late 2020.

Things you can dispose of at an eWaste day:

  • TV's
  • DVD players
  • Cameras
  • Printers
  • Speakers
  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Household appliances
  • Phones
  • Anything with a cord or battery 

A charity truck will be at the event to accept working electrical items for donation.

Contact the Town's Waste Minimisation Officer on 08 9347 6041 or email for more information.



Year round free drop-off is available for anything with a cord or a battery, including digital media at your local recycling centre

3. Household Items (including clothes & textiles)

The Town hosts Charity drop-off days twice a year, where you can drop-off your unwanted household items, including clothes and textiles, at the Administration Centre located at 1 Bold Park in Floreat.

Items must be clean and undamaged. 

Charities will also accept furniture and working electrical appliances.

Things you can dispose of at a Charity drop-off day:

  • All types of clothing
  • Furniture
  • Working electrical items
  • Accessories and jewellery
  • Manchester: Towels, tableware and tea towels
  • Bedding, linen and blankets
  • Shoes, boots and slippers
  • Homewares
  • Games, Toys, DVD’s CD's
  • Bags, hats, belts
  • Crockery, glassware

Items should be presented in boxes and bags. 

Simply drive up and our friendly staff will unload your car for you. 

Please do not bring white goods, hazardous waste or non-working electronic waste to this day.

Charity Drop Off day JD - Jun 2016 (11).jpg


Our next Charity drop-off day will be held in late 2020.


4. Clothing Swaps

The Town hosts Community Clothing Swaps seasonally four times a year, where you can bring your quality men's and women's clothing and accessories and take home new treasures.

The Town also hosts Children's Clothing Swaps where you can bring childrenswear and maternity wear.

The Swaps take place at Cambridge Library, 99 The Boulevard, Floreat, typically on a Sunday from 12pm - 2pm. 

Our next Clothing Swap will be held on Sunday 7 June 2020. Online registrations are now open.

Register for Adults Swap - Sunday 7 June 2020

Register for Children's Swap- Sunday 3 May 2020

2020 Clothing Swap dates:

 Adult Clothing   Children's Clothing 
 Sunday 23 February   Sunday 19 January 
 Sunday 7 June Sunday 3 May 
 Sunday 30 August  Sunday 25 October 
 Sunday 29 November   

5. Mattress recycling

All residents have access to free pre-booked mattress collection.

Book online

Once you've completed the online form, the Town will notify you of the next available collection date.

Once notification has been received, mattresses should be placed on the verge no earlier than the evening before the arranged collection date.

Mattresses are collected weekly, on a Thursday.  Please have your mattress out on the verge by 6am, in a clearly visible and easily accessible location.

Have a query? Call 9347 6000 or Send an Email

6. Sporting Equipment

The Town is pleased to support Fair Game by having 2 recycle and donate bins to collect pre-loved sporting equipment. The bins are located at the Town's Administration Centre -1 Bold Park Drive Floreat and the Cambridge Library -99 The Boulevard Floreat.

For further information click here 

7. Stationery

Donate your leftover school stationery to WA children in need at the Town's Administration Centre, Cambridge Library and participating primary schools, thanks to Give Write. 

Give Write is a Wembley-based Not-for-Profit which takes donations of new or pre-loved school stationery to recycle, repackage and regift to kids in need in WA who are starting the school year with nothing.

Find out more about Give Write


8. Aerosol Cans

Recycle your household aerosol cans including deodorant, hairspray, cooking oil spray, insect spray, cleaning products, garage and vehicle products and bathroom sprays.

Drop off your aerosol cans at the Town's Administration Centre - 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat, for recycling. 

Make sure cans are empty and intact.  

9. X-Ray recycling


The Town's X-Ray recycler, Ecocycle, has an environmentally friendly silver recovery process that helps protect our waterways and environment.

Residents can use the bins to safely dispose of their X-Rays at the following sites: 

  • Cambridge Library
  • Town of Cambridge Administration Centre
  • Amcal Pharmacy Floreat Forum
  • Wembley Community Centre  


10. Coffee pods


Recycle your non-reusable coffee pods at the Town of Cambridge Administration Centre at 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat.